Inverell Livestock Report 10th September 2019

Cattle: Numbers reduced by a small margin (59) to see drafts of grain assisted yearlings and cows come forward. Both categories saw dearer trends, although an overall cheaper market for the lighter, plainer conditioned offering greeted the regular buyers attending. Southern competition returned for the lighter conditioned backgrounder cattle.

Light re-stocker weaners, principally 1 and 2 score types sold to dearer trends of up to 50c/kg to backgrounders. Steer weaners under 300kgs sold back 9c/kg. Medium weight yearling steers saw a cheaper trend with lack of quality and condition a major factor. Feeder heifers also sold to a cheaper trend of 6c/kg to 11c/kg, again condition seeing a big bearing. Heavy yearling heifers sold 12c/kg dearer to the trade, as did the heavy feeder portion, to be also 12c/kg better.

Well finished grown heifers sold to a dearer trend of 17c/kg, to the trade. Light 1 score cows to feed sold to dearer trends of 30c/kg. D2 cows sold 21c/kg better, while the heavy, better finished D3 and D4 cows were firm to only marginally cheaper. The best of the heavy bulls sold mostly firm to slightly cheaper, with the return of the live export trade.

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