Inverell Livestock Market Report 15th October 2019.

CATTLE: Rain through the market area saw a reduction in numbers, yarding 1360 head with a good offering of grain assisted heifer yearlings. Conversely, there were still plenty of plainer conditioned young cattle available. Light steers saw dearer trends, although a lack of quality saw the plainer types sell to a cheaper trend. All the regular operators were present, plus the return of an exporter after a protracted absence.  Light weaner steers saw significant rises from re-stockers, plainer types selling to a reduction of 19c/kg. Light yearlings saw dearer trends, up 15c/kg, however, medium weights saw cheaper trends. Yearling heifers experienced good gains for most grades, particularly on the grain assisted categories. Light feeders were up 30c, with the trade taking the grain assisted drafts, up to 18c/kg better.  Heavy grown heifers sold to 288c/kg. Re-stocker and feeder orders saw light cows take a substantial rise in trends, 1 scores to 40c better, with the medium 2 score cows to a 20c/kg premium. Medium weight cows to slaughter saw a 24c rise and the heavy cows sold firm, although best cows made to 257c/kg. Heavy bulls saw dearer trends to rise 13c/kg.

SHEEP: There was a reduction in numbers on the sale two weeks ago to yard 2400. There was a good selection of trade lambs and these categories saw firm trends. The well-presented heavy drafts saw dearer trends up to $20/head for the extra heavy lambs. Well-presented pens of heavier Merino lambs sold to a dearer trend. A lift in quality and weight saw the best hoggets rise $20/head.   Light ewes saw rises of $11, with the medium weights up $5/head. Heavy Dorpers sold to a firm trend. Again, improved weight and quality saw a slight rise of $3/head in the wether offering. Heavy lambs sold into the early $200’s and good mutton sold from mid to early $100’s,  Light mutton from $70 to $95.



Inverell Livestock Report 8th October 2019

CATTLE:  Inverell numbers increased slightly by 84 head to yard 1664 very mixed quality cattle. Young cattle contributed the bulk of numbers, with a good representation of cows. There were plenty of young, plain conditioned cattle available, with re-stocker orders from Southern and Western competition, as well as a QLD order for better bred and forward store cattle. All the regular buyers attended.
Light weaners under 200kgs saw cheaper trends to re-stockers, with lack of quality and condition a factor, understandably so. Light yearling steers to feed saw a dearer trend of 8c/kg. Medium weight also sold to dearer trends of 13c/kg, with the heavy drafts experiencing firm trends. Drafts of light yearling heifers to feed sold to a cheaper trend of 15c and the heavy feeders saw a rise of 14c/kg. Heavy trade heifers were 7c/kg better.
Very limited grown cattle precluded a report. Light 1 score cows to restock saw cheaper trends. Medium weight 2 score cows were dearer, up 6c/kg. The good yielding 3 and 4 score cows saw rises to 30c/kg. A reduced bull penning saw very heavy bulls sell to 273c/kg.

Inverell Livestock Market Report 1st October 2019

CATTLE: Inverell agents yarded a larger number of cattle this week for a total of 1,585 head, which was an increase of 485. There was a good supply of weaners and yearlings, while cows were well supplied, as were grown heifers. The yarding of young cattle consisted of large numbers of weaners and light yearlings. Quality was very plain with the largest percentage of young cattle in store condition, apart from some supplementary fed cattle through the sale, however there were runs of well-bred cattle offered.  Feeder and re-stocker competition were stronger with weaner steers selling to a top of 290c, to average 269c, some as low as 130c/kg. Weaner heifers topped at 214c/kg. Medium weight feeder steers gained in price, selling up to 298c, while heavy trade steers sold to a top of 300c/kg. Feeder heifers also saw improvements for the better-bred heifers, selling up to 260c, while supplementary fed trade heifers gained 4c and more in places, topping at 269c/kg.  The yarding of export cattle consisted of a good supply of cows, several pens of heifers and a few pens of grown steers. Quality was very mixed in a market that saw grown steers sell to a top of 298c and heifers up to 280c/kg. The cow market saw medium weights sell firm to slightly dearer, while heavy cows held firm. 1 and 2 sore cows sold from 60c to 152c, 2 score medium weights averaged 178c and heavy cows sold to a top of 239c/kg. As the drought conditions persist and large numbers of cows are being off loaded, there is little use for bulls on a lot of properties, which has resulted in a large sell of bulls this week with 135 being yarded. The top price for heavy bulls was 258c/kg.

SHEEP / LAMBS: There were a few less sheep yarded for the fortnightly sale for a total of 3,368 head, of which 1,457 lambs were sold. There were a fair supply of trade weights and several pens of heavy lambs, however there were a fair percentage of light lambs offered. Quality was mixed with several pens of well finished trade and heavy lambs, however there were several runs of light weight lambs that were showing the effects of the dry conditions.   The market varied with heavy lambs selling predominantly unchanged, while trade weights were up to $10/head dearer, due to an extra buyer present. Light weight store lambs were hard to sell, especially for the very light weights. 54kg xb lambs just short of being well finished well finished $190, 48kg Dorper lambs $155.The yarding of mutton consisted mainly of ewes, along with a few pens of wethers. Quality was mixed with some well finished sheep offered, although there were also sheep showing some dryness. The market saw little change compared to the sale two weeks ago. Heavy mutton up to and around $130, 18kg wethers $96.


Inverell Livestock Report 24th September 2019

CATTLE: Numbers decreased considerably to yard 1100 down by 900 head from previous week in what saw a quality offering of grain assisted yearling cattle come forward. Conversely, there were still plentiful numbers of light younger cattle available and  these saw a generally dearer trend in the re-stocker categories. Cows reduced in their numbers. The regular buyers attended.  Plain, light steers and heifers saw dearer trends throughout, of up to 29c/kg to the re-stocker competition. Well-bred light and medium weight feeder steers also sold to a dearer trend of 11c to 15c/kg. The heavy drafts also saw a significant price rise, quality and condition related. Medium weight steers did see a price differential. Light trade steers sold to a slightly dearer trend. Heavy trade heifers saw a dearer trend of 7c/kg. Light heifers to restock and background saw substantial rises.  Grown heifers to feed on sold to a dearer trend of 16c to 28c/kg, the trade types dearer. Light 1 score cows to the trade were cheaper, back 20c/kg. Re-stocker cows saw falls of 11c/kg. Medium weight trade cows saw falls of 9c, with D3 and D4 cows selling 12c/kg cheaper. Heavy bulls saw rises of 28c, the medium weights 12c to 15c/kg cheaper.


Inverell Livestock Report 10th September 2019

Cattle: Numbers reduced by a small margin (59) to see drafts of grain assisted yearlings and cows come forward. Both categories saw dearer trends, although an overall cheaper market for the lighter, plainer conditioned offering greeted the regular buyers attending. Southern competition returned for the lighter conditioned backgrounder cattle.

Light re-stocker weaners, principally 1 and 2 score types sold to dearer trends of up to 50c/kg to backgrounders. Steer weaners under 300kgs sold back 9c/kg. Medium weight yearling steers saw a cheaper trend with lack of quality and condition a major factor. Feeder heifers also sold to a cheaper trend of 6c/kg to 11c/kg, again condition seeing a big bearing. Heavy yearling heifers sold 12c/kg dearer to the trade, as did the heavy feeder portion, to be also 12c/kg better.

Well finished grown heifers sold to a dearer trend of 17c/kg, to the trade. Light 1 score cows to feed sold to dearer trends of 30c/kg. D2 cows sold 21c/kg better, while the heavy, better finished D3 and D4 cows were firm to only marginally cheaper. The best of the heavy bulls sold mostly firm to slightly cheaper, with the return of the live export trade.

Inverell Livestock Market Report 3rd September 2019

CATTLE: Number decreased by a small margin (-245 to yard 1590) of what was a very mixed penning, with a quality reduction in the young cattle categories. Feeder cattle quality however lifted to see those categories achieve dearer trends. Conversely the quality of some drafts of the light weaners slipped to experience cheaper trends. There was a return of a southern young cattle order seeing the better-quality weaners sell to a dearer trend. Most regular buyers attended.  Very light steer and heifer weaners to re-stock saw a cheaper trend of 40c, with the better quality drafts, selling to 30c/kg better, due to the southern order. The best of the light feeder steers sold to marginally dearer trends, the medium weights up by 7c/kg. The heifer portion also selling to dearer trends of 14c/kg. Trade yearling steers saw dearer trends of 7c, while the heavy heifer drafts sold to 10c/kg better.  Not enough grown steers and heifers to quote. The best of the feeder cows saw dearer trends of 30c/kg, plenty of competition on light cows to feed on, with re-stocker orders also in place. Medium weight cows sold to cheaper trends of 5c, with the D3 cows 6c/kg back. The absence of a live export bull order saw the better bulls fall in value of 5c/kg.

SHEEP/LAMBS: Lamb numbers were like a fortnight ago, while sheep numbers reduced to see a total of 490 less than last sale with a total yarding of 3411. Heavy lambs saw the results of supplementary feeding, producing well finished drafts of heavy lambs. The light lamb drafts saw less finish and weight and consequently saw cheaper trends. All the regular buyers attended.  Grain assisted trade lambs saw a generally cheaper trend of $17/head, although some drafts of lighter trade weights were slightly dearer. Heavy lambs saw dearer trends, up to $10/head better, although better weights were the controlling factor. Hoggets sold to dearer trends, selling to $205/head.  Light ewes sold to cheaper trends of $12, while the medium weights saw reductions of $18/head. Quality and weight saw both ewes and wethers sell to cheaper trends. The best heavy ewes sold to $140 for crossbreds and Dorpers to $178/head. The best heavy wethers made from $162 to $170/head.



Inverell Livestock Market Report 27th August 2019

CATTLE: There was only 100 head difference in the corresponding markets for the week to yard 1835 head. Quality was mostly plain, although there were some well finished drafts of yearling steers and these sold to dearer trends. A feedlot based in southern QLD was very competitive in purchasing medium and heavy feeders. Conversely, southern re-stocker competition was absent, seeing those lighter categories experience cheaper trends.   Re-stocker weaner steers saw significantly cheaper trends of 20c, with the heifer portion not so much affected with a 5c/kg rise. Apart from reduced buyer interest, quality of the younger cattle was found wanting. Medium weight feeder steers saw trends rise, up to 20c, the heavy drafts also dearer, seeing rises of 10c/kg. The better heifers to feed saw rises of 26c, while heavy heifers to the trade saw a rise of 5c/kg.  Heavy steers to the trade saw firm trends, as did the heifer portion. Re-stockers were competitive in purchasing light cows, although there was a shortfall of 15c/kg. Similarly, medium weight cows to slaughter saw cheaper trends of 10c to 19c/kg. The better-quality heavy cows saw rises of 15c/kg. Live export bull operators again put a floor in the heavy bull market, pushing the best bulls to 294c, while the slaughter bulls made to 290c/kg.



Inverell Livestock Report 13th August 2019

CATTLE: Numbers in Inverell reduced to yard 1860 down by a bit over 400.There was a large supply of weaned calves, over 400 head. There were less numbers of yearling cattle, with a good supply of cows penned. All the regular buyers attended and operated, with a return of a live export bull operator and strong competition from Southern store interests.  Weaned calves sold to 310c/kg to southern buyers. Producers are selling the next crop of weaners, an indication of the dire conditions of the selling area. Weaner steers saw cheaper trends of 7c, while conversely the heifer portion sold to a dearer trend of up to 25c/kg. Plain light yearling steers saw a cheaper trend of 10c to feeders, while medium weights to re-stockers and feeders eased from 9c to 11c/kg. Similarly, yearling heifers sold to cheaper trends from 13c to 15c/kg. Medium heifers sold to firm trends, while heavy heifers were 10c/kg dearer.  Heavy grown steers improved by 10c, as did the better conditioned grown heifers to processors, which improved 20c/kg. Plain light cows to re-stockers eased by 5c, with the medium weight D2 cows increasing up to 30c/kg. D3 and D4 cows saw increases from 10c to 18c and a live export bull order returned a 10c/kg increase for the heavy categories.


Inverell Livestock Report 6th August 2019.

CATTLE: Numbers declined slightly to yard 2273 down by 467 head from last week with quality and condition decreasing for the lighter drafts of younger cattle. There were, however, well-bred drafts of feeder cattle available, as well as good lines of heavy, well finished cows. All the regular buyers attended to a mixed market, with medium weight drafts of yearling steers showing dearer trends.  Weaner steers saw cheaper trends of 6c/kg, with the heifer portion selling to re-stockers on a firm basis. Light steers sold to cheaper trends of 17c/kg. The medium weight drafts saw a dearer market, up to 15c, with the heavy portion to feed increasing 5c/kg. Yearling heifers to feed saw cheaper trends of 7c to 12c/kg.  Limited numbers of heavy grown steers saw a rise of 14c/kg. The quality of the grown heifers eased, with drafts of C1 heifers to re-stockers selling to 151c/kg. D1 cows were back 7c, while medium weight D2 cows also sold to cheaper trends of up to 30c/kg. Heavy, well finished D4 cows saw a 10c/kg rise. Lack of live export competition in the bull market saw decreases of 30c/kg for that category.

SHEEP /LAMBS: Numbers decreased by 910 to yard almost 3700 with lamb weights reducing significantly, particularly on the heavy lamb categories, seeing these drafts sell to cheaper trends throughout while values remained static there were some weight variations seeing dearer trends in the heavy crossbred grades.  All the regular buyers attended, with good competition on re-stocker Merinos from the Central West of NSW. Light Dorper lambs saw small increases of $3/head. The light trade lamb weight reductions saw those categories ease by up to $30, with the heavy weight trade lambs selling to trends of $20/head cheaper. Heavy lambs saw price declines of $30 while extra heavy lambs topped at $230/head.  Hoggets sold to $230/head. Medium weight ewes sold to firm trends, while extra weight in the crossbred ewes saw dearer trends of $12/head. Again, extra weight in the crossbred wethers saw significant improvements in those categories, with sales to $245/head. Re-stocker competition saw Merino wethers make to $141/head. Rams sold to $150/head.


Inverell Livestock Market Report 30th July 2019

CATTLE: Inverell numbers increased significantly to yard 2740 head with young heifers penning almost one thousand, with a good selection of cows. An improvement in weight and quality saw grown and yearling heifers move to dearer trends. All the regular buyers attended, along with a return of the Southern buyers to operate on all categories.  Weaner steers saw a 10c/kg reduction, while the heifer portion sold on a firm basis. Medium yearling steers saw falls of 11c, heavy feeders topped at 324c to average 299c/kg and hold firm. Light heifers to re-stock were 14c better, with the odd sale of medium weight heifers 20c/kg better. Southern competition saw a mix of cattle purchased, including plainer conditioned weaners, yearlings and re-stocker cows.  Limited drafts of heavy steers sold to 274c/kg, while heavy feeder heifers saw dearer trends. Cows were mostly cheaper with D1 and D2 cows back 15c/kg. Medium weight cows saw falls of 20c and the D3 and D4 cows back 12c/kg. Bulls sold to 300c to average 267c/kg and substantially dearer. Next cattle and sheep sale Tuesday 6th August.