Inverell Livestock Market Report 25th June 2019

CATTLE:  There was an increase of 360 head in a mixed quality offering to yard 1548 head. Young cattle remained similar, but saw cow numbers rise to almost 700 head. A lift in quality in the young cattle penning and, in the cow, penning saw rising trends in those categories. All the regular buyers attended and operated, along with keen re-stocker interest in light, one score cows.  Some drafts of plainer, light weaners saw cheaper trends, while the better-bred offerings saw rises of up to 18c for steers and 10c/kg for heifers. Yearling steers to feed saw a 265c average and dearer trends of 15c/kg. Heifers were similar at 10c/kg better. Trade heifers averaged 224c/kg.  Grown heifers to slaughter sold 26c/kg dearer. One score cows sold to re-stocker competition, up to 154c, however averages on the lower categories saw trends fall by 11c/kg. Medium weight 2 score cows rallied to sell to 20c dearer, the 3 scores were 28c/kg better. Heavy cows saw rising trends of 14c/kg. The best of the heavy bulls sold 9c/kg better.

 SHEEP: Similar numbers to a fortnight ago, yarding 5011 with lamb quality and weight lifting to see much dearer trends throughout the lamb offering. Grown sheep saw a similar lift in values, with heavy Dorper wethers selling to $276/head. All the regular buyers attended.  Light lambs saw trends rise to be $10 to $15/head dearer. Similarly, light trades lifted to values $20/head better. Trade weights saw prices of $20 better, with medium weight lambs to rising trends of $22/head. Lambs over 30kgs averaged $235/head. Hoggets made to $183 and averaged $150/head.  Light ewes saw a $21 rise, with the medium weight crossbred ewes to dearer trends of $24/head. Merinos were to $3/head better, with a drop-in weight. The best Merino wethers saw a $21/head rise, with a half-length skin. Heavy Dorper wethers sold to $276/head. Some local sales: Rob & Justine Aitken cross bred lambs 53.1kg $218 and Stein & Paulette Joyce cross bred lambs 50.5 kg $210.




Inverell Livestock Report 18th June 2019.

CATTLE: Numbers remained similar to last week to yard 1187 head with several pens of grain assisted young cattle available, however there were still numbers of plainer quality young cattle through the offering. Cow numbers continue to decrease, with a large number of light conditioned cows being purchased for the paddock. All the regular buying panel attended and operated.  Vealers and weaners saw cheaper trends, with quite a few of the younger cattle showing plain and light condition. The steer portion saw a 7c reduction, with the heifers to feed on back 20c/kg. Light, better quality yearling steers to feed sold to a dearer trend of 19c, as the medium weight category were up to 14c/kg dearer. Light weight yearling heifers to feed on sold to 18c better, however quality variations saw the medium weights sell to cheaper trends of 19c/kg. Trade heifers saw a reduction of 12c/kg.

Medium weight grown heifers to feed saw a rise of 4c, while the heavy portion to the trade saw cheaper trends of 13c/kg. Drafts of light 1 score cows saw rising trends of 16c/kg, with competition from re-stockers, some from processors to secure product for the future, others going north of the border to feed on. Medium weight cows to the trade saw cheaper trends of 15c/kg, while the heavy cows saw no changes to experience firm trends. An absence of the live exporters saw heavy bulls back 30c/kg

Inverell Livestock Market Report 11th June 2019

CATTLE: Numbers reduced to yard a total of 1117 head, down 646 from last week mainly in the young cattle and cow penning. There was a slight lift in the yearling quality, although there were plainer cattle yarded and this had an overall cheaper result in the averages throughout the young cattle. All the regular buyers attended, with re-stockers active through the cow penning.  Plain steer weaners saw cheaper trends of 13c, however, trade veal sold to dearer trends of 6c/kg. Averages of yearling steers to feed sold to cheaper trends of 6c/kg. Averages for the medium weight steers sold to cheaper trends of 13c/kg. Similar results for the yearling heifers, with averages showing a shortfall of 11c/kg. Trade yearling heifers saw firm trends, selling to 245c/kg.  A lift in quality and weight saw heavy grown heifers sell to dearer trends of 13c/kg. Re-stockers pushed light cows to 157c/kg, to be slightly dearer. The medium weight cows also saw good re-stocker interest, up 22c/kg. Medium weight trade cows saw rises of 7c to 13c, while 3 and 4 score cows sold to 4c/kg better. Exporters were again competitive in the bull market, up 12c, with processors lifting prices to 274c, to be 7c/kg dearer.


SHEEP: Less numbers for Inverell this fortnight with a reduction of 733 head to total 5,184 sheep and lambs. There was a good quality penning of heavy Dorper lambs, however, the second cross portion slipped in quality to eventuate in a general easing in trends throughout. All the regular buyers attended and operated.  Very light lambs saw a $9/head correction. Trade lambs also experienced substantial falls, mainly due to plainer quality, seeing reductions of up to $20/head. Heavy trade lambs saw cheaper trends of $10/head. Heavy lamb averages experienced shortfalls of $11/head. Hoggets were firm, topping at $153/head.  A reduction in quality saw light ewe values fall by $9/head. Medium weight ewes also sold cheaper by $15/head. Heavy crossbred ewes sold to $200 and Dorpers to $180/head. Wethers carrying a good growth of wool made to $190/head. Merino rams sold to $100 and crossbred rams made to $70/head.



Inverell Market Report 4th June 2019

Cattle: The offering reduced by 553 cattle to yard 1763 head which saw a mixed quality penning with similar numbers of young cattle, but a decrease in the cow offering to 600 head. Young cattle quality improved to see the better-bred categories sell to dearer trends. All the regular buyers attended, with feeders and re-stockers active in the light cow market.

Light steer weaners to restock saw increases of 20c, with the heifer portion to feed selling to dearer trends of 15c/kg. Better quality light yearling steers saw dearer trends of 7c, as the medium weight steers were 12c/kg better for the feeder drafts. A lift in quality for yearling heifers saw rising trends of 20c/kg for the feeder categories.

No grown steers to quote, however heavy grown heifers sold to significant increases. Light processor cows saw dearer trends of 20c/kg, as medium weight cows sold to firm trends, while heavy cows saw firm to slightly cheaper trends. Store cows to the re-stockers were firm. Once again, exporter competition was strong in the bull market.

Inverell Livestock Market Report 28th May 2019

CATTLE: Numbers for Inverell increased by 25%, consisting of a good supply of young cattle and another plentiful penning of cows. Quality was mixed, although there were good numbers of well-bred young cattle through the offering. These saw rising trends through the better drafts. Conversely, there were still numbers of plainer cattle available, with plenty selling below the 200c/kg mark for plainer calves. All the regular buyers attended and competed.  Light steer weaners to feed saw a cheaper trend of 4c, while the re-stocker types saw price increases of 11c/kg. Conversely, the heifer portion saw a rise of 19c/kg. Medium weight steers to feed sold to 5c cheaper, while a lift in quality for the heavy categories saw price increases of 16c/kg. Medium weight heifers to feed experienced good increases of 19c/kg, however the heavy portion saw slightly cheaper trends.  There were no numbers of grown steers or heifers to quote. Cows experienced cheaper trends throughout, with D1 cows up to 20c/kg back. D2 cows also saw decreases of 20c, while limited numbers of heavy cows saw cheaper trends of 5c/kg. Exporters competed to see the heavier drafts of bulls sell to dearer trends.

 SHEEP: Numbers reduced compared to a fortnight ago. Quality of the heavy lambs lifted to see a marked rise for that category. Sheep weights also improved, particularly in the heavy ewes and wethers to see trends rise also. Light lambs to feed on saw firm trends. Light trade lambs saw firm to slightly cheaper trends to average $124/head. Trade lambs saw firm trends, while quality and extra weight saw heavy and extra heavy lambs sell to dearer trends. Heavy lambs sold to $10 better and extra heavy lambs saw an average of $6/head better. Light ewes sold to a rising trend of $10/head. Medium weight ewes were $10 to $15 dearer, with heavy crossbreds making to $240 and Dorpers to $180/head. A lift in quality saw wethers sell to significant increase. Re-stockers operated in the younger wethers with a start in the wool making to $89/head. Crossbred rams made to $85/head.



Inverell Livestock Market Report 21st May 2019

CATTLE:  Numbers reduced considerably to yard 1670, down by 925 head to include good supplies of grain assisted young cattle, with cows still in large numbers contributing to half the penning. Less numbers and a lift in quality through the young cattle contributed to a dearer trend throughout, although there were still numbers of plainer cattle available. These categories, however also saw dearer trends, with all the regular buyers competing, as well as a fresh feeder order.  Light weaners saw rising trends with feeders and re-stockers competing strongly, with a general rise of 3 to 7c/kg. Some categories of the plainer offering saw rises of as much as 40c/kg. Light yearling steers sold to dearer trends of 45c, while the heavier drafts were also dearer by 15 to 17c/kg. Trade steers saw a rise of 20c/kg. Yearling heifers sold to dearer trends of 15 to 26c/kg, due to a general lift in quality, with drafts of grain assisted cattle available.  Grown steers also saw an improvement in weight and quality to sell to a dearer trend, with the heifer portion up to 20c/kg better. Light cows to the re-stockers sold 10c better, with medium two score cows selling to dearer trends of 14c/kg. A limited penning of heavy cows saw average rises of 6c/kg. Export bulls saw a 15c rise, while bulls to slaughter sold up to 30c/kg better. Next cattle and sheep sale Tuesday 28th.


Inverell Market Report 14th May 2019

CATTLE: Numbers increased slightly to yard 2595 head, with cows again in the majority contributing to over half the penning. They were mainly plainer quality, as was the balance of the offering. Young cattle were well supplied, with drafts of grain assisted cattle offered. Cow processors operated on a restricted basis processing-wise, with more interest taken by them in purchasing cows on a feeder basis, as re-stockers competing strongly on light cows back to the paddock.  Light re-stocker weaners saw cheaper trends of 25c to 30c/kg, quality related. Light yearling steers to restock saw decreases of 25c, while the medium weight drafts were also back 25c, as the trade took the better drafts, these seeing a cheaper trend up to 22c/kg. Light heifer yearlings to feed were substantially cheaper, again quality a major factor, with a lot of purchases made well under the 200c/kg mark. Medium heifers to feed were mainly 45c to 55c/kg back.  No grown steers to quote, however, grown heifers were included in the cheaper trends, with 3 scores 11c/kg back. Light 1 score cows saw cheaper trends, even with good competition from re-stocker and feeder interest. 2 score cows sold to cheaper trends of 15c to 20c/kg. Quality and less weight saw the best cows ease up to 30c/kg. Exporters were busy in the bull market, but that category also sold to cheaper trends.

SHEEP: As of 9pm Tuesday evening there was no MLA report available however heavy grain fed dorper lambs made to $220, Rob and Justine Aitken at Bundarra sold 47.5kg xb lambs $166, (previous sale 50kg same lambs $165) very light store lambs $60, 20-22kg CWT merino ewes with good 2” skin ,made $140. Bare shorn xb ewes 25kg CWT $100-$130.


Inverell Livestock Market Report 7th May 2019

CATTLE: Numbers were similar this week than previous sale with agents yarding 2245 head, with light rainfall through the local district by no means a drought saver. Cows dominated the penning, contributing half the numbers offered. Young cattle were well supplied, although there were large numbers of plainer quality cattle in the yarding. There were limited numbers of heavy feeder steers offered, and these saw dearer trends throughout. All the regular buyers attended and operated in a predominately dearer market.  Light steer and heifer weaners saw improvements from 14c to 19c/kg, with re-stockers strong in the plainer types. Yearling feeder steers saw dearer trends of 8c, while medium weights sold to a dearer trend of 14c/kg. Heavy feeders over 400kg also saw an improvement in the market by 19c/kg. Light yearling heifers sold to a dearer trend of 8c/kg. Heavy feeder heifers improved by 23c, although similar heifers to the trade saw cheaper trends of 4c/kg, owing to a quality variation.  An improvement in quality saw heavy grown heifers sell 6c/kg dearer to the trade. Light cows to re-stockers saw significant increases, while very light 1 score cows also saw improved prices to go onto feed. Medium trade cows were 9c dearer, while heavy cows saw trends improve by 14c/kg. Exporters once again contributed to an increase in the bull market, with the best bulls selling to 249c/kg.


Inverell Livestock Market Report 30th April 2019.

Cattle: Inverell penned 358 extra to yard 2,330 mixed cattle from two weeks ago. It was a mostly plain quality penning, but included some well presented lines of weaners and yearling cattle, as well as drafts of grain assisted pens. Cows again dominated the yarding, with close to 1,000 head penned. All the regular buyers attended, with some processors putting cows onto feed.  Weaner steers saw dearer trends, with quality improving to see averages up by 20c/kg. Heifers also seeing trends improve by 30c/kg. Light yearling steers saw firm trends, with medium weight drafts improving up to 30c/kg. A better presented offering of heifers also experienced dearer trends of 30c/kg. A lift in quality also saw heavier heifers making to 20c/kg dearer.  Grown heifers to the trade saw firm trends, while there were no steers to quote. Re-stocker interest saw a lift of 17c/kg in the light cow market. Medium weight cows experienced firm trends. 3 score cows, while not the quality of last sale, still saw firm trends throughout. Live export competition underpinned the bull market and these saw firm trends from last day.

Sheep & Lambs: Numbers and quality lifted to see 5,918 sheep and lambs. The regular buyers attended to a significantly dearer market throughout. Re-stockers operated, but were subdued by those rises. All lamb categories sold to dearer trends, with the light grades seeing a modest rise of $3 to $10/head. Trade lambs saw rises of $15 to $20, while the heavy weights sold to dearer trends of $11/head. The extra heavy lambs saw quality and weight improve, the top money to $240, $40/head up on the sale two weeks ago. Hoggets sold up to $9/head better.  Light ewes saw dearer trends of $18/head, with re-stockers active, but subdued. A rise of $20/head occurred through the medium weight ewes, with a noticeable lift in quality. Heavy ewes sold to dearer trends of $25, with the heavy wether portion seeing substantial rises, the tops selling to $240/head.

Inverell Livestock Market Report 16th April 2019

Cattle: Inverell Agents yarded 1,972 head, easing by 790. Numbers decreased for most categories of cattle, although there was a good supply of young cattle and over 900 cows were sold. The yarding of young cattle consisted mainly of yearlings, along with a small offering of weaner steers and heifers. Quality was plain, however there were a few runs of well finished supplementary fed cattle offered. The largest percentage of the yearlings were in the lighter weight categories, and in plain 1 and 2 score condition.  Competition was weaker, with a few less buyer orders, and plainer quality also contributed to the harder market. Re-stocker weaner steers eased by 14c, topping at 222c/kg. Feeder and re-stocker yearling steers were 20c to 30c cheaper, with medium weight feeders receiving from 218c to 265c, while heavy feeder steers sold to a top of 281c and re-stocker steers topped at 252c/kg. Re-stocker and feeder yearling heifers experienced the greatest decrease to be 30c to 40c cheaper, while feeders sold from 152c to 220c/kg.  The yarding of export cattle consisted mainly of cows, along with a fair number of grown heifers and only a small penning of steers. Grown steers sold to a top of 275c/kg to feeders. Grown heifers topped at 239c/kg to processors. The yarding of cows consisted of large numbers of plain conditioned 1 and 2 scores, although there were several pens of medium and heavy 3 and 4 score cows offered. The market varied, with medium and heavy 3 and 4 score cows selling firm to slight dearer, however the plainer grade cows lost some ground. Plain conditioned cows to restock and feed made from 10c to 136c, while 2 score cows to processors averaged 168c, as the medium weight 3 scores averaged 193c and heavy cows sold to a top of 221c/kg. Some local sales Williamson & Stibbard cows $1.90c/kg 533kg $1012 and some lighter store cows $1.44 c/kg 436kg $628.

SHEEP & LAMBS: There was a yarding of 3,580 sheep, of which there was 1,333 lambs. The yarding of lambs consisted mainly of trade weights, along with several pens of heavy lambs, and a fair percentage of light lambs. Quality varied, with most of the heavy lambs being supplementary fed, while there were several consignments of light lambs mainly 1 and 2 scores.  The market was fair to slightly dearer with the largest percentage of the light lambs going to Southern feeder and re-stocker buyers. Trade lambs under 24kg sold to a top of $169.50, while the extra heavy lambs sold to a top of $200/head. The top Dorper lambs reached $191 and hoggets topped at $180/head. The yarding of mutton continued to sell on a strong market, with ewes making to $180, with a mixture of full fleeced and bare skin sheep offered. Wethers topped at $140/head. Local sales: Kruger Farming Bundarra 36kg xb lambs $135 and 33.9kg xb lambs $110. Williamson Rural would like to wish that everyone has a safe and pleasant Easter break and for any bookings for next weeks sale I can be contacted on mobile.