Inverell Livestock Report 24th September 2019

CATTLE: Numbers decreased considerably to yard 1100 down by 900 head from previous week in what saw a quality offering of grain assisted yearling cattle come forward. Conversely, there were still plentiful numbers of light younger cattle available and  these saw a generally dearer trend in the re-stocker categories. Cows reduced in their numbers. The regular buyers attended.  Plain, light steers and heifers saw dearer trends throughout, of up to 29c/kg to the re-stocker competition. Well-bred light and medium weight feeder steers also sold to a dearer trend of 11c to 15c/kg. The heavy drafts also saw a significant price rise, quality and condition related. Medium weight steers did see a price differential. Light trade steers sold to a slightly dearer trend. Heavy trade heifers saw a dearer trend of 7c/kg. Light heifers to restock and background saw substantial rises.  Grown heifers to feed on sold to a dearer trend of 16c to 28c/kg, the trade types dearer. Light 1 score cows to the trade were cheaper, back 20c/kg. Re-stocker cows saw falls of 11c/kg. Medium weight trade cows saw falls of 9c, with D3 and D4 cows selling 12c/kg cheaper. Heavy bulls saw rises of 28c, the medium weights 12c to 15c/kg cheaper.


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