Inverell Livestock Report 27/10/2020

CATTLE: Inverell Agents yarded a few less cattle this week, for a total of 850 which was a reduction of 280 head. The yarding consisted of a good supply of yearlings, while there were a few less cows. The yarding of young cattle consisted of a good supply of both yearling steers and heifers in good 2 and 3 score condition, with a large percentage in the medium weight and heavy weight ranges. Competition continued to be very keen from both feeders and background buyers, resulting in prices improving on last week’s sale. The yarding of the export cattle consisted of a fair number of cows, although not the numbers of last week, while there was a few pens of grown steers and heifers in fair numbers. Quality was good with mainly high yielding cattle offered. Feeder and re-stocker yearling steers were 13c to 18c dearer ranging from 360c to 433c for heavy feeder steers, while light re-stocker yearling steers sold to a top of 519c/kg. Steers 440-500kg $4.22c, 300-330kg xb steers $4.32, 230-250kg rough coated hfd steers $5.20. Feeder and re-stocker yearling heifers gained 15c to 20c with feeder heifers selling from 356c to 408c while light re-stocker heifers 250-280kg topped at 464c/kg. Grown steers held firm selling to a top price of 364c to process and up to 408c/kg to feed. Grown heifers sold to a top price of 362c/kg. 4T hfrs 480-500kg $3.55. The cow market was firm to 4c dearer with 3 score medium weights averaging 297c, while heavy cows sold to a top price of 317.2c/kg. . Bulls were slightly easier with heavy B muscled bulls selling to a top of 337.2c/kg. Lighter bulls 500kg + around the $3.10 mark. SHEEP / LAMBS: Falls of rain throughout the supply area saw sheep numbers decline for a yarding of just 979 head of which there was 500 lambs offered. Quality was good in a firm to slightly dearer market. A pen of young lambs sold to a top of $196, while old trade lambs under 24kg cwt sold to $148/head. Heavy lambs topped at $240 and Dorper lambs sold to a top price of $230/head. The smaller yarding of mutton consisted of several pens of well finished ewes and wethers. The market varied according to quality with a good run of heavy wethers 34kg/cwt selling to a top price of $192, while 30kg/cwt ewes topped at $167/head.52kg LWT xb lambs $188 bare shorn, 53kg Merino lambs ½” skin $178. 54kg XB Hgt bare shorn $175.

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