Inverell Livestock Market Report 3rd September 2019

CATTLE: Number decreased by a small margin (-245 to yard 1590) of what was a very mixed penning, with a quality reduction in the young cattle categories. Feeder cattle quality however lifted to see those categories achieve dearer trends. Conversely the quality of some drafts of the light weaners slipped to experience cheaper trends. There was a return of a southern young cattle order seeing the better-quality weaners sell to a dearer trend. Most regular buyers attended.  Very light steer and heifer weaners to re-stock saw a cheaper trend of 40c, with the better quality drafts, selling to 30c/kg better, due to the southern order. The best of the light feeder steers sold to marginally dearer trends, the medium weights up by 7c/kg. The heifer portion also selling to dearer trends of 14c/kg. Trade yearling steers saw dearer trends of 7c, while the heavy heifer drafts sold to 10c/kg better.  Not enough grown steers and heifers to quote. The best of the feeder cows saw dearer trends of 30c/kg, plenty of competition on light cows to feed on, with re-stocker orders also in place. Medium weight cows sold to cheaper trends of 5c, with the D3 cows 6c/kg back. The absence of a live export bull order saw the better bulls fall in value of 5c/kg.

SHEEP/LAMBS: Lamb numbers were like a fortnight ago, while sheep numbers reduced to see a total of 490 less than last sale with a total yarding of 3411. Heavy lambs saw the results of supplementary feeding, producing well finished drafts of heavy lambs. The light lamb drafts saw less finish and weight and consequently saw cheaper trends. All the regular buyers attended.  Grain assisted trade lambs saw a generally cheaper trend of $17/head, although some drafts of lighter trade weights were slightly dearer. Heavy lambs saw dearer trends, up to $10/head better, although better weights were the controlling factor. Hoggets sold to dearer trends, selling to $205/head.  Light ewes sold to cheaper trends of $12, while the medium weights saw reductions of $18/head. Quality and weight saw both ewes and wethers sell to cheaper trends. The best heavy ewes sold to $140 for crossbreds and Dorpers to $178/head. The best heavy wethers made from $162 to $170/head.



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