Inverell Livestock Report 6th October 2020

CATTLE: Numbers increased by 117 head to offer 755 mostly good quality cattle. There were drafts of yearling steers through the penning which showed a lack of quality and these sold to cheaper trends. Most exporters operated to a much improved cow market. The regular re-stocker and feeder buyers competed through a varying market with feeder steers and heifers selling to dearer trends for the most part, 350-400kg steers to $4.40. Limited late weaners sold to dearer trends, the better-bred steer calves seeing dearer trends of up to 40c, the heifer portion also dearer with a rise of 34c/kg. The light plainer conditioned yearling steers saw a cheaper trend of up to 30c/kg. The medium and heavy feeders sold to rises of 5c/kg. Light re-stocker heifers sold to dearer trends of 17c/kg. Medium weight feeder heifers were dearer, up 27c/kg. Good drafts of supplementary and grain assisted trade cattle saw dearer trends throughout. Heavy grown steers to processors saw a rise of 10c, conversely the heifer portion slipped in value back 8c/kg, 500kg + steers $3.65 -$3.88 depending on teeth and type, heifers 500 kg + 0/2T $3.55 c/kg. All cow categories improved their value. Light cows were up to 16c/kg better. Heavy D2 and D3 cows saw trends rise 7c to 16c/kg. 500kg + $2.90-$3.14 c/kg. Re-stockers pushed limited numbers of lighter cows back to the paddock. Store cows 400-460kg $2.75. Bulls also saw slightly dearer trends up 4c/kg. Heavy bulls to $3.18.                                 Goats: Quotes are around the $9.00 cwt, call us for grid weights and prices.

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