Inverell Market Report 24th January 2017

Cattle: Consignments slipped to 1517 head and quality was also plainer for the younger cattle. The vealers and yearlings were well supplied, with a handy penning of cows also offered. The usual buyers competed, as one heifer lot feeder order returned to the competition.
The 200kg plus vealer steers to the re-stockers eased 11c, with breed and quality contributing in places, as prices ranged from 350c to 418c/kg. The same weight heifer portion remained close to firm at 330c to 360c/kg. The medium weight yearling steers to feed and re-stocker orders remained firm to 6c dearer, making from 338c to 361c/kg. The equivalent weight heifer portion to the same orders lifted 4c to range from 299c to 343c/kg. Prime younger cattle to the trade reached 348c/kg.
Heavy weight grown steers to slaughter remained firm at 278c to 295c, with the younger heifer portion topping at 310c/kg. Cows slipped 6c to 8c, with the plainer 2 scores averaging 213c, as the better covered 3 and 4 score heavy weights made from 218c to 240c/kg. Heavy weight bulls reached 263c/kg. Local sales K & M Goodman cows 250c/kg 395kg $988 steer calves 349c/kg187kg $654 * David Wells heifers 320c/kg 315kg $1008

Sheep: Numbers overall remained similar, however sheep numbers increased, as the lamb numbers slipped. There were good runs of trade weight lambs, together with enough heavier drafts to suite the export orders. The usual buyers competed in a dearer market.
The light weight lambs to the re-stockers gained $7 to range from $74 to $96/head. Trade weights also improved $7, as the medium and heavy pens sold from $97 to $135/head. There were good runs of exotic lambs in the penning, with the trade weights ranging from $110 to $128/head. The Merino lambs reached $117/head. Heavy weight lambs lifted $10, as the lighter end sold from $155 to $186, with heavy weight Dorpers topping at $200/head.
Sheep were mixed with good runs of Merino ewes and wethers, with the crossbred sheep reduced in number. Price gains of $7 were recorded, with the Merino ewes and wethers selling from $75 to $125, with the best heavy weight crossbreds topping at $130/head.

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