Inverell Market Report 31st January 2017

Cattle: Consignments nearly halved to 870 head as the quality for the younger categories was very mixed, with greater percentages of the plainer mixed breeds spread throughout the market. There was a good selection of cows, with the grown steers and heifers limited in supply. The usual buyers competed in a firm to dearer market, with only quality and breed in places affecting prices for the younger categories.
The over 200kg vealer steers returning to the paddock ranged from 354c to 410c/kg. The same weight heifer portion to the trade and re-stocker orders sold close to firm at 300c to 360c/kg. Yearling steers sold firm, as the lighter end topped at 380c to 396c, with the heavier drafts to lot feeders and re-stockers making from 308c to 370c/kg. The yearling heifers struggled a little in the competition, as the best medium weights reached 338c/kg.
Heavy weight grown steers and bullocks to slaughter gained 2c to 6c ranging from 286c to 296c, with the heifer portion lifting 8c making from 268c to 303c/kg. Cows improved from 10c to 15c, as the plainer 2 scores averaged 230c/kg. The better finished 3 and 4 score heavy weights sold from 232c to 251c/kg. Heavy weight bulls maintained firm prices, with the best topping at 263c/kg.

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