Inverell Market Report 17th January 2017

Cattle: Consignments lifted to 1984 head and quality ranged from fair to good, however there were some plainer bred younger cattle spread throughout the market. Vealers were limited, with good runs of the yearlings in the penning, as the cows were also well supplied. The market trend was variable.
The over 200kg vealer steers to the re-stockers gained 11c, making from 350c to 419c/kg. The same weight heifer portion to the re-stockers and processors improved 7c and sold from 327c to 347c/kg. The lighter end of the yearling steers to the re-stockers lifted 10c, at 342c to 393c, as the heavier medium weights to feeder orders gained from 5c to 7c and made from 305c to 360c/kg. The yearling heifers went against the dearer trend and slipped 5c to 9c, with the medium weights to lot feeders ranging from 305c to 331c/kg. Young prime cattle to the trade struggled in the competition, with the best up around the 330c/kg mark.
Heavy weight grown steers ranged from 268c to 296c, with the heifer portion topping at 315c/kg. Cows remained firm to 5c dearer, with the plainer 2 scores averaging 219c, as the better covered 3 and 4 score heavy weights made from 228c to 257c/kg. Heavy weight bulls maintained firm prices, with the best at 278c/kg.

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