Inverell Market Report 15th January 2019

Cattle: : In maybe the largest yarding at the Inverell saleyards for a prime sale numbers reached 3196 head up by 50% from last week. The yarding was made up principally of 2,000 young cattle and almost 700 cows, in a market area that has not received anything but limited storm rain over the north western section. Quality was reasonable, however, the numbers included major drafts of early weaned calves and light yearlings. There were good pens of forward feeder cattle, but numbers and the secondary drafts of lighter cattle generally saw cheaper trends throughout. North of the border, feeder and background interest saw good numbers into southern Queensland. All the regular processors and feeders were present, along with local re-stocker interest.  Early weaned calves saw dearer trends from re-stockers out of the area, with trade veal showing slightly dearer trends. Lighter weight feeder steers saw cheaper trends of up to 30c, quality related, while re-stockers eased 8c/kg for the better grades. The best of the medium weight feeders sold to cheaper trends of 20c, however, the averages for the secondary drafts, saw a price correction of up to 30c/kg for that category. Medium weight heifers posted cheaper trends of 20c/kg.  Well finished grown steers sold to dearer trends of 20c, while heifers finished 16c/kg back. All cow grades saw cheaper trends, with D1 and D2 types finishing 13c to 23c/kg cheaper. The better D3 and D4 drafts sold up to 18c/kg back. A plainer bull penning saw that category sell 17c to 29c/kg cheaper. Next sheep and cattle sale Tuesday 22nd January.

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