Inverell Market Report 22nd January 2019

Cattle: Numbers decreased at Inverell by about 816 head despite very scattered rainfall through the area. Young cattle again made up the bulk of the numbers, which included some very plain conditioned and light weight cattle in the offering. There were however, some good quality feeder cattle offered and these showed slight rises through what was a generally a much cheaper market. All processors bar one was present, as were the usual feeder and background orders. Steer and heifer weaners saw cheaper trends of 30c to 40c/kg, attributed mostly to the plainer quality offering. Best quality yearling feeder steers saw dearer trends of 14c, re-stocker drafts selling to cheaper trends of 20c/kg. Better bred feeder heifers sold to 8c/kg easier. Light conditioned and plainer grade drafts saw a substantial drop in values with prices well under 200c/kg. No grown steers to quote, heifers seeing cheaper trends of 17c/kg. Light cows sold to dearer trends of 15c/kg, with help from limited feeder interest, medium weight cows sold to slightly dearer trends. Heavy D3 and D4 cows also sold to an upward trend of 4c/kg. A larger bull penning saw quality bulls yarded, but also saw a cheaper trend for the heavy bulls of 17c/kg.

Sheep / Lambs: Numbers increased for both sheep and lambs to yard 6102 in total. Lamb quality improved, with perhaps not the weight of last sale.  All the regular buyers attending seen grown sheep trends rise. Young lambs sold to cheaper trends, not carrying the weights of last sale. Trade lambs sold to better trends of $10/head. The heavy trade weights were slightly cheaper with a weight deferential, to see a $10/head difference. Hoggets sold to $154/head. Light ewes sold to slightly cheaper trends of $6, with medium weights $5 to $8/head dearer. Heavy Dorper ewes sold to $130 and Merino wethers to $122/head. Re-stockers were active on older first cross ewes, making to $121/head. Cross bred rams made to $65/head.


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