Inverell Livestock Market Report 25th June 2019

CATTLE:  There was an increase of 360 head in a mixed quality offering to yard 1548 head. Young cattle remained similar, but saw cow numbers rise to almost 700 head. A lift in quality in the young cattle penning and, in the cow, penning saw rising trends in those categories. All the regular buyers attended and operated, along with keen re-stocker interest in light, one score cows.  Some drafts of plainer, light weaners saw cheaper trends, while the better-bred offerings saw rises of up to 18c for steers and 10c/kg for heifers. Yearling steers to feed saw a 265c average and dearer trends of 15c/kg. Heifers were similar at 10c/kg better. Trade heifers averaged 224c/kg.  Grown heifers to slaughter sold 26c/kg dearer. One score cows sold to re-stocker competition, up to 154c, however averages on the lower categories saw trends fall by 11c/kg. Medium weight 2 score cows rallied to sell to 20c dearer, the 3 scores were 28c/kg better. Heavy cows saw rising trends of 14c/kg. The best of the heavy bulls sold 9c/kg better.

 SHEEP: Similar numbers to a fortnight ago, yarding 5011 with lamb quality and weight lifting to see much dearer trends throughout the lamb offering. Grown sheep saw a similar lift in values, with heavy Dorper wethers selling to $276/head. All the regular buyers attended.  Light lambs saw trends rise to be $10 to $15/head dearer. Similarly, light trades lifted to values $20/head better. Trade weights saw prices of $20 better, with medium weight lambs to rising trends of $22/head. Lambs over 30kgs averaged $235/head. Hoggets made to $183 and averaged $150/head.  Light ewes saw a $21 rise, with the medium weight crossbred ewes to dearer trends of $24/head. Merinos were to $3/head better, with a drop-in weight. The best Merino wethers saw a $21/head rise, with a half-length skin. Heavy Dorper wethers sold to $276/head. Some local sales: Rob & Justine Aitken cross bred lambs 53.1kg $218 and Stein & Paulette Joyce cross bred lambs 50.5 kg $210.



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