Inverell Livestock Market Report 9th April 2019.

Cattle: Numbers increased by 25% to yard 2762 head with the majority being cows, penning over 1,200 head. There was a large offering of plainer conditioned cows, with re-stockers taking the main thrust of numbers, up to 30% of the yarding. All the regular buyers attended and operated in a market that saw yearling steers sell to dearer trends, with only a few heifers seeing rising values.

Weaner steers saw dearer trends of 25c/kg to the re-stocker and background trade. A mixed heifer penning saw that category experience cheaper trends, apart from a select few re-stockers, making 40c/kg better. Light yearling steers to feed saw dearer trends of 40c, with the medium weights experiencing marginally dearer trends of 4c/kg, as did the heavier categories. Quality related price changes saw most heifer grades experience cheaper trends. Plain light heifers saw prices decrease 50c to backgrounder orders, as the medium drafts sold to cheaper trends of 20c to 30c/kg. Trade heifers were back 16c/kg.

Grown heifers saw cheaper trends of 13c/kg, with no grown steers to quote. Re-stockers gave strong competition in the light cow market, seeing firm trends throughout and taking 30% of the offering. Medium weight cows saw cheaper trends of 11c/kg. The better conditioned 3 and 4 score cows saw price changes of 12c/kg cheaper. Live exporters were present through the bull market, lifting that category by 22c/kg.

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