Inverell Market Report 29th May 2018

Cattle: Numbers reduced by 618 to pen 1,314 mixed cattle. There was only a slight decrease in cow numbers, but young heifers reduced by as much as 60%. Quality for the younger drafts slipped somewhat, however, there were well finished pens of heavy trade steers available and these sold to dearer trends, as did a good selection of well finished, high yielding cows. The usual group of both processor and feeder buyers attended and operated. There was not a big change in values on the younger cattle, with some sales of the better types showing slightly dearer trends of 8c/kg. Similarly, medium weight yearling steers also saw dearer trends of up to 15c/kg to feed on. There were no other changes other than quality and breed variations. Middle weight yearling heifers to feed averaged 228c/kg, while the pens of light, plainer conditioned heifers saw cheaper trends. There was a good selection of heavy steers, these sold to strong trade competition, as did the well finished older heifers. Light one score cows sold to stronger trends of 18c/kg, with good numbers purchased by re-stockers. Mid-range 2 score cows were also dearer by up to 20c/kg, mostly taken up by the trade. The well-conditioned, high yielding cows were 10c/kg dearer. There were pens of suitable bulls available, however, that market saw cheaper trends on the day.

Sheep: Inverell penned 1,000 less sheep and lambs to total 2,500 lambs and 3,400 grown sheep. There were several good pens of heavy and supplementary fed lambs, along with some well-presented trade lambs. The larger penning of mutton consisted of heavy pens of Dorper , first cross and Merino ewes carrying big skins, as well as a heavy pen of Merino wethers. There were also lambs suitable for re-stockers. Several pens of Merino ewes went south to a re-stocker the regular buyers attended. The limited penning of extra heavy lambs saw cheaper trends of up to $20/head, but numbers were a factor. Similarly, other heavy lambs experienced the same problem. Trade lambs saw falls of $3 to $8head, numbers again a factor. Hoggets improved by $30/head, quality and numbers helping. Light sheep sold to slightly cheaper trends, while medium weights saw dearer trends of $6/head. Crossbred ewes sold to $164, Dorper to $165 and Merinos with a big skin made $110/head. The best Merino wethers sold to $146/head.

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