Inverell Market Report 28th February 2017

Cattle: There was a reduction in numbers this week down to 960 head, with a large percentage of the offering made up of lightweight young cattle. The quality of the offering was very mixed as was the condition. There were limited supplies of young cattle suitable to local trade buyers. There was reduced feedlot competition, while there was a new export processing order participating.
Demand was weaker for the good quality young cattle to restock and feed. This resulted in cheaper trends through most classes. Quality played a role in price change. By comparison the plain quality lightweight young cattle sold well, with the lighter weights representing a much lower dollar per head outlay for re-stockers wishing to put cattle in the paddock. Trends were 7c to 20c/kg cheaper. The limited supply of young cattle suitable to the trade saw those classes sell firm to dearer, with some quality related change in the yearling heifers.
There were too few heavy grown steers to quote. Despite the extra buyer in the market cows mostly sold to a cheaper trend of 4c to 9c/kg. The exceptions were the high yielding C muscles and the medium weight 2 score cows to process, they remained firm. Some local sales: M Doak steers 395kg 320c/kg $1264* G Harper 4 tooth steers 475kg 264c/kg $1269 * R J Bowen store cows 414kg 200c/kg $830

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