Inverell Market Report 17th October 2017

Cattle: An increase of 310 head took Inverell to 940 mostly good quality cattle. The big increase was for yearling steers which tripled in numbers. There was a light penning of vealers and a slight increase in yearling heifers, grown steers and heifers, but limited numbers of cows. All regular buyers attended and operated, as well as an extra feeder order. Not a lot of vealers, but they showed a dearer trend with local butchers operating strongly. Light weight yearling steers showed dearer trends of 18c, while medium weights were dearer by 12c/kg. Heavy feeders were also dearer, up 12c/kg. Yearling heifers showed dearer trends across the range and were 10c to 12c/kg. Medium weights featured with rises of up to 13c/kg. Grown steers showed dearer trends of 10c to 14c, with heifers also dearer by 5c/kg. Limited cow numbers saw D2 and D3 cows being slightly cheaper. The better finished D4 cows showed firm trends. Bulls were slightly dearer.

Sheep:  There was a larger yarding this week (2575) compared to a fortnight ago (1300), heavy lambs were up $6 to $8 and trade lambs were fully firm. Mutton was up $4 – $5 as well.


Inverell Market Report 10th October 2017

Cattle: There was a slightly increased penning due to good rain through the district, with vendors holding back to take advantage of future rain. There were no vealers to quote apart from limited local butcher calves, these sold on firm to dearer trends on last day. There were slightly increased numbers of steer and heifer yearlings, but less cows. All processor and feeder orders were in place with re-stockers also active. Light yearling steers to feed showed dearer trends, up by 20c, while the medium and heavy weights saw rises of 10 to 15c/kg. Similarly, the light weight heifers sold up by 15 to 20c/kg. The medium weight heifers sold to firm trends, but quality was an issue. There were few grown steers from last week to quote onto this sale, however the grown heifers showed dearer trends of 4c/kg. The light 2 and 3 score cows were firm with drafts of light PTIC cows going back to the paddock. The better conditioned 4 score cows sold to dearer trends of 10c/kg. Bulls were firm to 3c/kg dearer.

Inverell Market Report 3rd October 2017

Cattle: A yarding of 660 head less cattle than last week due to rainfall with reports of 20-30mls through the district. Few young cattle were yarded with a slight increase in cow numbers, due to a draft of plainer conditioned cows from one vendor. All the usual processors were present, not all exporters were operating. Numbers precluded some feeders from starting their orders. Two feeder operators were absent.Steer weaners showed dearer trends, up 30c/kg for the better bred and better conditioned grades, particularly the lighter end. Medium and heavy weight steers also sold to dearer trends, 10c to 20c/kg. Similarly, the heifer portion was dearer, up to 40c and 50c better for light weights, 10c to 20c/kg for the medium weights.
There were no grown steers or heifers for a reliable quote, however the steers offered were slightly cheaper, numbers and quality a factor. Grown heifers showed firm trends. Cows generally showed firm trends with some light 2 scores going to the restockers. The balance of those sold to the trade, as did the better conditioned 3 and 4 score cows. These showed a firm trend.
Bulls were in lighter numbers and were 10c/kg cheaper.

SHEEP:There was a reduction of 4,800 sheep and lambs due to rain, for a penning of 600 mixed quality lambs and 700 grown sheep. Lamb numbers impacted the sale with processors struggling to fill orders. This culminated in a dearer trend throughout. Sheep prices struggled to maintain last sales levels, numbers and quality the principle factor. All processors were represented and operating.
There was one pen of new season lambs, these grades a little late this season. Trade lambs sold to a dearer trend, being $13/head dearer than last sale. Heavy lambs were also dearer, selling $5 to $13/head up on last sale. Extra heavy lambs were firm, numbers precluding buyers from fulfilling their orders.
Overall, ewes showed firm to slightly dearer trends, with the best ewes $3 dearer and wethers showed a cheaper trend of $10 to $15/head, again quality and condition related.

Inverell Market Report 26th September 2017

Cattle: There was a reduced penning of 1,020 mixed quality cattle. Numbers included a token yarding of weaners, while yearling numbers halved. Grown steer and heifer numbers were back, along with cows, but good numbers of bulls were on offer. All the usual processors were present and operating, along with current feeder orders and an additional two feeder buyers returned after an absence of some time.
The few weaners penned sold to a cheaper trend of 17c/kg. Yearling cattle also sold to cheaper trends early in the offering, particularly heifers. Yearling steers were cheaper by 5c to 10c, however as the sale progressed and some very good lines of steers came forward and those classes showed firm to slightly dearer trends. Heifers were most affected in a market. They showed cheaper trends of up to 50c for the light weight feeders and 15c to 20c/kg for the medium descriptions.
Grown steers also sold to an easier trend of 23c while the heifer portion wasn’t as affected. The 2 and 3 score cows sold to firm trends while the better finished 3 and 4 score grades were firm to slightly cheaper. Bulls sold to a dearer trend to be 10c/kg better.

Inverell market Report 19th Sept 2017

Cattle: There was a slightly increased yarding of 1,463 mainly good quality cattle, with no appreciable rain through the district. There was only a light yarding of vealers and an increase in yearling cattle, particularly steers, while yearling heifer numbers remained steady. Quality pens of heavy grown steers came forward and there was a slight increase in cow numbers. All regular processor and feeder orders were in place.
Weaner steers sold to a cheaper trend to be 11c/kg cheaper while the heifer portion was to 10c/kg dearer. Yearling steers also showed cheaper trends of up to 20c/kg in places, however quality was a factor. Prices increased later in the market with the sales of better conditioned and bigger lines of cattle. Light 2 score heifer feeders sold firm to slightly cheaper, however, as the sale progressed, these too saw a dearer trend prevail of 6c to 8c/kg. The medium weight heifers sold to a firm trend, while the heavy grades were slightly cheaper.
There were some good drafts of heavy, well finished steers consigned. Steers weighing more than 600kg were up to 10c/kg dearer. The grown heifers remained principally firm. Light 2 score cows sold to a firm trend, while the heavy 3 and 4 scores were marginally dearer. Bulls were cheaper by 8c to 10c/kg.

Sheep: There was a slightly increased penning at of 4,400 quality lambs and 1,700 grown sheep for 19th September. All lamb classes were well represented with good drafts of heavy, crop finished lambs. There were drafts of mixed sheep along with lines of young wool cutters off-shears. The usual processors were in attendance.
There were limited supplies of light lambs and these met with firm competition from two weeks ago. Trade lambs showed a slightly cheaper trend, $4 to $5/head back on last day.
Best heavy lambs showed a firm trend on last sale, while the extra heavy grades were $4 to $ 6/head cheaper. There were several lines of young wool cutters, ewes and wethers, off-shears and these were purchased by restockers.
The grown sheep were of mixed quality. Both ewes and wethers showed cheaper trends on last sale, condition and quality a factor.

Inverell Market Report 12th Sept 2017

Cattle: There was a decrease in numbers of 372 in a mostly good quality penning to yard 1290 head despite the continuing dry weather. Yearling cattle were again in numbers although there was a reduced yarding of yearling steers and an increase in heifer numbers. Grown steers, heifers and cows, all showed an increase in numbers. All processor and feeder orders were in place.
Weaners were in short numbers although the limited steer offering showed a dearer trend, the heifers slightly less. Best light weight yearling steers sold to a firm trend, with operators being select in their purchasers, but keeping last week’s levels static. The medium weights were firm, with sales of the better finished cattle just showing a dearer trend. The heavier portion showed a cheaper trend of 10c to 15c/kg. Yearling heifers showed a firm trend, particularly the medium weights, with the better finished grades slightly dearer 2c to 3c/kg. Again, the heavy weights showed a cheaper trend by 3c/kg.
Grown steers showed a dearer trend of 10c to 15 c/kg, the heifers cheaper slightly cheaper. Cows showed a firm trend, while bulls were dearer.

Inverell Market Report 5th Sept 2017

Cattle: There was an increase of 562 head to a yarding of 1,162 mainly good quality cattle. There wasn’t a lot of weaners yarded, again large numbers of yearling cattle and a good increase of grown steers but reduced numbers of cows. There were good numbers of bulls also penned. All the regular operators were in attendance along with two extra feeder orders.
There were numbers of cattle off feed. There weren’t enough weaners for a reliable quote. Yearling steers and heifers were in balanced numbers with the steer offering showing firm to slightly cheaper trends. Steers tended to be 2c to 5c/kg cheaper, quality was a factor in this regard. However, the heifer penning was of quite good quality along with bigger lines of those categories. Both light and medium weight heifers showed a dearer trend of up to 5c/kg. Both feed lotters and limited re-stocker interest supported those categories.
There was an increase of grown steer numbers and quality and those cattle were 1c to 2c/kg better. There was good interest in that heavy feeder enquiry. Cows showed a general dearer trend with the heavy cows to 3c/kg dearer, while the lighter portion remained firm. Bulls sold to a slightly cheaper trend. Local sales Doak P’Ship cows 211c/kg 795kg $1679 Bulls 255c/kg 970 kg $2473.

Sheep: Yarding: 5485 an increase of 900 head.
In the sheep and lamb section 5485 were yarded 900 more than 2 weeks ago. We saw the market with trade lambs $4 to $6 easier – quality related, heavy lambs remained firm as was the mutton.

Inverell Market Report 29th August 2017

Cattle: Numbers were static at 1,100 good quality cattle. Weaners were in short supply but again
there were good numbers of yearling cattle and an increased penning of cows. Yearling
cattle were a stand out with an extra operator in the field. The usual processors were all in
attendance along with the normal feeder orders. There was also a good representation of
re-stockers This translated into a generally dearer trend throughout.
Although there were limited numbers of weaners they were up to 13c dearer for steers, while
the heifer portion was 9c/kg dearer. Feeder operators were strong in an overall good penning
of both steer and heifer yearlings. The demand for the medium weight drafts of steers showed
a dearer trend of up to 12c/kg, there was a similar upward movement for the heifers. Premiums
were paid for the better bred and conditioned categories; however, some secondary types
also showed dearer trends.
There were not enough grown steers and heifers for a reliable quote. C4 heavy cows showed
a dearer trend of 9c/kg; the lighter C2 and C3 cows were also dearer. Bulls sold slightly

Inverell Market Report 22nd August 2017

Cattle: The yarding increased by 400 head and consisted of mostly good quality cattle. Weaners were in short supply but their good numbers of yearling cattle, a light penning of grown steers and heifers and cow numbers doubled. Most categories sold to a firm to dearer trend. All the regular processors and the usual feeder orders were in place.
Weaner numbers were scarce, but the better quality of the steers saw prices trend dearer by up to 20c/kg. The heifer portion was firm. There was strong feedlot interest in the yearling cattle, with the steers mostly firm while some quality lots sold to a dearer trend. The best of the medium C3 heifers were to 18c/kg dearer, while most were 4c/kg dearer overall. The return of an order handling secondary types saw those categories sell to dearer trends.
Lack of grown steer and heifer numbers made an accurate trend difficult to quote, however both classes were slightly cheaper, with quality a factor. The best heavy cows sold to a dearer trend of 5c/kg, while the lighter drafts were also dearer.

Sheep: There was an increased yarding of 4,594, up by 700 head, consisting of a very good quality penning of well finished lambs. Heavy lambs were well represented, many coming off crop, along with good lines of grown sheep. There were too few store lambs to quote. All regular processors were present.
Demand for finished trade lambs was good with a dearer trend of $11/head. There was a good representation of heavy weight finished lambs making for rises of up to $12/head for that category. The extra heavy weight section showed rises of up to $28/head on last sale. There was a good penning of grown sheep with wethers showing a dearer trend. Quality was a factor, with the better wethers seeing a lift of up to $30/head. Ewes, however were slightly cheaper, back $10/head on last sale.

Inverell Market Report 15th August 2017

Cattle: 400 less cattle were penned and vendors opted to hold stock back to put more weight on their product, in the hope that current prices will improve. There were few weaner cattle penned, good numbers of yearling cattle and a reduced penning of grown cattle and cows. All the regular processors were in attendance along with a good representation of feedlotters and restockers, particularly for the yearling cattle. Despite the competition, the trend was cheaper for most categories.

Yearlings best suited to feed dominated supply with the better quality lighter C3 steers being firm to slightly cheaper, while other grades were up to 10c/kg cheaper. All categories of heifers showed cheaper trends of up to 12c/kg. Restockers were active in purchasing the lighter end of steers and heifers.

A reduced penning of heavy weight steers and heifers also resulted in cheaper trends. There were a few heavier steers suitable to feed, these trended firm. The heifer portion showed cheaper trends of 10c/kg. Again, there was a light yarding of cows, these also cheaper by up to 8c/kg for the heavier end. Bulls were also cheaper.