Inverell Market Report 5th Dec 2017

Cattle: Inverell increased their numbers to 1,670 head, 290 more than last weeks sale. With only one sale before the Christmas break, vendors are taking the benefit while the sales continue. It was a mixed quality yarding with an emphasis on yearling steers which doubled in volume. Vealer numbers were similar, yearling heifers less, grown cattle static and cows down by a third. All regular buyers attended and were active.  Vealers showed cheaper trends of 10c to 11c/kg. Feeder orders were still active, however, there was a correction in some market trends, bringing overall trends slightly cheaper for light weight and medium weight feeders of up 12 to 14c/kg. There were numbers of plainer quality cattle and these contributed to that trend. Bigger numbers of the steers were mostly consigned to the feeder pens. Yearling heifers showed general cheaper trends except for some lighter weight, better shaped heifers which were 7c to 9c/kg better.  There were some good quality grown steers penned and this resulted in a firm trend at the final bid. Grown heifers were firm. Cows sold to cheaper trends, particularly for the better D3 and D4 types which culminated in a drop of 11c/kg for the higher end. Some extra heavy cows, carrying a great deal of fat cover fell to beneath 100c/kg. Light cows sold to mostly firm trends. Bulls sold to mostly dearer trends, quality and yield playing a big part. Local sales Doak P’ship cows $2.192 c/kg 696kg $1527 * D & J Jones Hfr veilers $3.042 c/kg 189kg $574* J Stibbard store cows $2.00 435kg $870. Also a reminder that the last cattle and sheep sale for 2017 will be next week the 12th December and the first sale in 2018 will be the 9th January.



Inverell Market Report 28th Nov 2017

Cattle: Numbers reduced by 145 head to pen 1,380 mainly good quality cattle, including some plainer types. Yearling cattle showed the biggest reduction to be down by a third. The quality of the cows offered was very good with several stand-out drafts of high yielding cows. Not all buyers were present.  Vealer and weaner cattle showed cheaper trends of up to 16c/kg with some light re-stocker types selling firm, these changes being quality related. Demand was good for most re-stockers yearlings however both restockers and feeders were subject to price variations. Both steers and heifers sold to cheaper trends; steers eased from 7c to 17c and medium weight heifers from 11c to 15c/kg with the heavy heifers only slightly easier.  Both grown steers and heifers experienced a correction of 10c/kg. Heavy weight cows presented very well with some high yielding cows available. However, these categories also experienced price variations to be 3c/kg easier. The light end of the cow market also sold to cheaper trends of 8c to 10c/kg easier, these changes reflecting in the plainer quality cows. Bulls sold mostly to firm trends. Local sales K & M Goodman 270kg steers 339c/kg $915 and heifers 360kg 290c/kg $1044.

Sheep: In the sheep and lamb section 4200 were yarded 1000 more than 2 weeks ago. We saw trade lambs down $3 – $5 and heavy lambs up $5 and mutton stayed firm.

Inverll Market Report 21st Nov 2017

Cattle: Number reduced by 515 head and the penning consisting of mostly good quality cattle. There was a slight increase of vealers, although numbers of yearlings reduced by half. Grown cattle numbers also decreased and cows were down by a third. The regular processors were present and operating, along with the usual feeder orders.  Steer and heifer vealers sold to mostly firm trends, with the better types going to local butchers and the plainer drafts to various light feeder orders. Light weight feeder steers sold to mostly firm trends, while the bulk of the steers going into the medium weight class sold to dearer trends of up to 14c/kg. Similarly, the light weight yearling heifers sold firm, while the medium weights, again in the majority, sold to trends of 7c/kg dearer. The heavy end of the heifer yearlings sold to dearer trends of up to 14c/kg.  Limited numbers of grown steers sold to dearer trends of 12c with the heifer portion 11c/kg dearer. Light cows sold to slightly cheaper trends of 3c to 4c easier, while the heavy better finished cows were 5c/kg easier. This was generally quality related with a few pens of the heavy cows tending to carry extra fat cover. Bulls sold to slightly dearer trends.

Inverell market Report 14th November 2017

Cattle: Numbers increased by 700 to 2,040 good quality cattle. Yearlings dominated the yarding, doubling their numbers, the penning was reduced for both grown steers and heifers. Cow numbers also dropped by a third. All the regular buyers attended, with active re-stocker competition on the limited numbers of vealers and yearlings.  Vealers sold to dearer trends of 10c/kg for both steers and heifers, with interest from northern buyers. This interest increased as well, with several pens of feeders also heading north. The light drafts of yearling steers were 10c to 15c dearer, while the heavy end showed increases from last week, selling to 15c/kg dearer. Light yearling heifers also sold to dearer trends of 10 to 15c/kg, while the heavier drafts were slightly cheaper.
Both grown steers and heifers showed cheaper trends of 10c/kg. Cow numbers reduced, but the quality held, with the better finished cows being dearer by 3c to 5c and the lighter cows were also dearer by 10c to 12c/kg.  Bulls sold to a dearer trend, lifting by 4c/kg.

Sheep: In the sheep and lamb sale 3,300 were yarded 1,600 more than 2 weeks ago. We saw the market with trade lambs up $5.00 per head, heavy lambs remain firm, mutton down $15 and ewes were fully firm.

Inverell Market Report 7th November 2017

Cattle: Similar numbers today of 1,318 head of good quality cattle. Vealer numbers were the same, while yearlings showed a slight decrease. Grown heifer numbers lifted and the cow penning doubled week-on-week. All processors and feeder operators were in place. Limited numbers of vealers sold to dearer trends with quality lifting, the best of the steers sold to re-stockers, 20c/kg dearer from last day. The heifer portion sold to firm trends. Steer yearlings generally showed cheaper trends with the bigger, heavier drafts of last week absent. There were, however good lines of feeders available. These categories were back 13c for the light feeders, medium feeders firm and the heavier portion also cheaper 10c to 15c/kg. The lighter drafts of heifer yearlings also showed cheaper trends of 9c/kg.  Limited numbers of grown steers showed firm trends, while an increase of grown heifers sold to dearer trends of up to 20c/kg. Cows again were a standout in numbers which doubled. There was a slight reduction in price for the lighter end, but there were big lines of heavy well finished cows and these showed firm to slightly dearer trends. Bulls were similar in numbers, but slightly cheaper.

Inverel Market Report 31st October 2017

Cattle:Numbers increased by 352 for a penning of 1,256 head of mostly good quality cattle. Only a small number of vealers were penned, but again yearlings dominated 2/3 of the yarding. Grown cattle were in similar numbers to last sale day but cow numbers however, tripled. All the regular buyers were in attendance and operated strongly.  Both steer and heifer vealers were in short supply and there are no comparisons from last week as there were no quotes. Light steer yearlings to feed showed firm to dearer trends, while the medium weights were a standout with dearer trends of 25c/kg for the better end of that category. Heavy feeders also showed dearer trends of 20c/kg. Yearling heifers also showed dearer trends of 20c/kg, particularly for the top end. The heavy feeder heifers sold firm to 10c/kg dearer. Grown steer and heifer numbers were similar, with the steers slightly easier, numbers being a factor. The heifer portion showed a slightly dearer trend, but again numbers were a factor. D2 and D3 cows sold to trends of 4c to 5c dearer, while the better conditioned D3 and D4 types were to 8c/kg better. Bulls sold to dearer trends to be 10c/kg better.

Sheep: Limited numbers resulted in a penning of 1,000 mixed quality lambs and 400 grown sheep. This is to be expected at this time of the year, when old season lambs are running low, numbers of new season lambs are yet to hit the market and grown sheep numbers are generally short. There were limited numbers of new season lambs and a shortage of old lambs. There were however some good lines of older, well finished lambs on offer. All the regular buyers were in attendance.  New season lambs were $30 per head better than last day. Similarly trade lambs were dearer and the heavy lambs on offer sold up to $50 per head for the better finished article. Hoggets sold to dearer trends. Limited sheep numbers also showed dearer trends with crossbred ewes slightly better, but heavy, young wethers were to $30 per head dearer. Doak P’Ship Bundarra 47kg merino lambs $127 and aged ewes $97.

Inverell Market Report 24th October 2017

Cattle: Numbers were down only slightly for a yarding of 904 head. Young cattle made up the largest percentage of the yarding, while there was a fair supply of grown cattle. Quality of the young cattle was good with mainly well finished 2 and 3 score yearlings offered. There were also several runs of well-bred cattle throughout the sale that were keenly sought by feeders and backgrounders. Competition was stronger as feeder steers sold up to 18c dearer, the medium weights averaged 315c/kg. Heavy feeder steers were up by 10c to average 295c/kg. Feeder heifers also met a stronger market and sold to 292c and re-stockers to 323c/kg. Trade yearling heifers sold to 295c/kg.  The yarding of export cattle consisted of some odd grown steers, several lines of well finished grown heifers, while cows were in limited supply. Quality was good with predominantly well finished cattle offered. Grown steers sold to 279c/kg. The very good offering of grown heifers was 10c dearer selling to 274c/kg. Most of the cows were medium and heavy 3 and 4 scores that were 7c dearer and sold from 219c to 235c/kg. Bulls topped at 267c/kg.

Inverell Market Report 17th October 2017

Cattle: An increase of 310 head took Inverell to 940 mostly good quality cattle. The big increase was for yearling steers which tripled in numbers. There was a light penning of vealers and a slight increase in yearling heifers, grown steers and heifers, but limited numbers of cows. All regular buyers attended and operated, as well as an extra feeder order. Not a lot of vealers, but they showed a dearer trend with local butchers operating strongly. Light weight yearling steers showed dearer trends of 18c, while medium weights were dearer by 12c/kg. Heavy feeders were also dearer, up 12c/kg. Yearling heifers showed dearer trends across the range and were 10c to 12c/kg. Medium weights featured with rises of up to 13c/kg. Grown steers showed dearer trends of 10c to 14c, with heifers also dearer by 5c/kg. Limited cow numbers saw D2 and D3 cows being slightly cheaper. The better finished D4 cows showed firm trends. Bulls were slightly dearer.

Sheep:  There was a larger yarding this week (2575) compared to a fortnight ago (1300), heavy lambs were up $6 to $8 and trade lambs were fully firm. Mutton was up $4 – $5 as well.

Inverell Market Report 10th October 2017

Cattle: There was a slightly increased penning due to good rain through the district, with vendors holding back to take advantage of future rain. There were no vealers to quote apart from limited local butcher calves, these sold on firm to dearer trends on last day. There were slightly increased numbers of steer and heifer yearlings, but less cows. All processor and feeder orders were in place with re-stockers also active. Light yearling steers to feed showed dearer trends, up by 20c, while the medium and heavy weights saw rises of 10 to 15c/kg. Similarly, the light weight heifers sold up by 15 to 20c/kg. The medium weight heifers sold to firm trends, but quality was an issue. There were few grown steers from last week to quote onto this sale, however the grown heifers showed dearer trends of 4c/kg. The light 2 and 3 score cows were firm with drafts of light PTIC cows going back to the paddock. The better conditioned 4 score cows sold to dearer trends of 10c/kg. Bulls were firm to 3c/kg dearer.

Inverell Market Report 3rd October 2017

Cattle: A yarding of 660 head less cattle than last week due to rainfall with reports of 20-30mls through the district. Few young cattle were yarded with a slight increase in cow numbers, due to a draft of plainer conditioned cows from one vendor. All the usual processors were present, not all exporters were operating. Numbers precluded some feeders from starting their orders. Two feeder operators were absent.Steer weaners showed dearer trends, up 30c/kg for the better bred and better conditioned grades, particularly the lighter end. Medium and heavy weight steers also sold to dearer trends, 10c to 20c/kg. Similarly, the heifer portion was dearer, up to 40c and 50c better for light weights, 10c to 20c/kg for the medium weights.
There were no grown steers or heifers for a reliable quote, however the steers offered were slightly cheaper, numbers and quality a factor. Grown heifers showed firm trends. Cows generally showed firm trends with some light 2 scores going to the restockers. The balance of those sold to the trade, as did the better conditioned 3 and 4 score cows. These showed a firm trend.
Bulls were in lighter numbers and were 10c/kg cheaper.

SHEEP:There was a reduction of 4,800 sheep and lambs due to rain, for a penning of 600 mixed quality lambs and 700 grown sheep. Lamb numbers impacted the sale with processors struggling to fill orders. This culminated in a dearer trend throughout. Sheep prices struggled to maintain last sales levels, numbers and quality the principle factor. All processors were represented and operating.
There was one pen of new season lambs, these grades a little late this season. Trade lambs sold to a dearer trend, being $13/head dearer than last sale. Heavy lambs were also dearer, selling $5 to $13/head up on last sale. Extra heavy lambs were firm, numbers precluding buyers from fulfilling their orders.
Overall, ewes showed firm to slightly dearer trends, with the best ewes $3 dearer and wethers showed a cheaper trend of $10 to $15/head, again quality and condition related.