Inverell Livestock Market 14th January 2020

CATTLE: Numbers eased slightly,  apparently due to the scattered amount of rain throughout the supply area to yard 850 head of cattle. Cows were once again in the majority and were followed up by a good selection of grain assisted yearlings. All processors with the exception of one were in attendance and re-stocker and feeder operators were very active.   A good supply of calves was penned, with re-stocker orders taking them to 282c/kg for better bred calves, condition not necessarily the reason. Limited numbers of weaners were penned, the steer portion was dearer with increased re-stocker demand. Very light weight yearling feeder steers saw substantially dearer trends, while light weight steers to re-stockers saw rises of 6c/kg. However, medium weight yearling steers to feed saw a cheaper trend of 5c/kg, could be quality related. Trade steers experienced price improvements of 6c/kg. The heifer draft sold to a dearer trend with a spike in the re-stocker demand. The medium weight feeder heifers were significantly dearer with a gain of 20c/kg.  Some store condition heifers made $2.60/kg and weighed between 250/300kg and some lots with 2 teeth making the same.All categories of cows received price improvements. Light weight cows to feed saw an upward movement in price of 18c/kg, cows weighing 400kg + made to $2 in places, 380kg cows still making $1.80 down to $1.70 with hardly any cows making less than this. Medium weight cows sold to a market 23c better, while the heavy D3 cows saw a large rise of 28c/kg. Cows to re-stockers experienced very good support to improve by up to 50c/kg. Bulls sold to 255c/kg for most bulls weighing up to and over 1000kg. Lighter bulls realising similar to slightly less. Pen of young small cows and calves made to $700 with cows only weighing mid 200’s but still retaining milk teeth or the odd 2 tooth.

Next cattle and sheep sale at IRLX next Tuesday 21st January.


Inverell Livestock Report 3rd December 2019

CATTLE: Numbers reduced considerably to yard 1400 head down by 1200 with cows experiencing the largest decline in numbers by almost 1,000 head. The other categories were similar, again with large numbers of early weaned calves. Except for one exporter, all others were present and operating, as well as good re-stocker competition in both young cattle and cows.  There were large numbers of early weaned calves available to re-stockers, with the lead selling to 324c/kg. Plain conditioned weaner steers and heifers saw significant improvements to re-stocker interest. The yearling drafts, however, saw cheaper trends with steers easing from 20c to 40c/kg, quality and condition related, to Queensland competition. Isolated pens of better-quality feeder steers sold to a dearer trend. Trends for heifers were similar, with light and medium weight cattle easing from 11c to 27c/kg. Limited numbers of well finished trade heifers sold to dearer trends of 6c/kg.  Well finished heifers to the trade sold to 272c/kg. Cows saw declines in all categories, except the heavy, well-conditioned drafts. Re-stocker cows to the Central West of the state, eased up to 35c/kg. Light one score cows to feed saw substantial reductions. Medium weight trade cows saw cheaper trends of 18c/kg. A limited offering of good D3 cows saw a small increase of 5c/kg. A lack of quality in the bull penning saw the heavy bulls sell from 24c to 38c cheaper, with the lead bull selling to 287c/kg.


Inverell Livestock Report 26th November 2019

CATTLE: Numbers were like last sale (2600) with cows again in the majority, well over 1,000 head. Other categories were like last sale, with plenty of plainer conditioned weaners and yearlings on offer. All the regular buyers attended to a generally cheaper market.  Re-stockers took early weaned calves to a slightly dearer trend. Plainer conditioned 1 and 2 score weaner steers and heifers saw substantially cheaper trends. Light yearling steers to feed saw falls of 14c/kg, with limited pens well-bred steers saw a dearer trend to feed on. Light yearling heifers saw a firm to slightly cheaper trend to re-stockers, down 5c/kg.  Grown steers and heifers were in numbers, too few to quote. Except for some very light feeder cows, the cow penning bore the brunt of the overall correction in the market. Cows to re-stockers and feeders saw a decline 5c to 16c, while the medium weight trade cows eased 12c to 20c/kg. The better quality D3 and D4 cows saw cheaper trends of 19 to 28c/kg. Bulls sold to significantly dearer trends, with rises of 8c/kg in the heavy categories.Local sales: Lonergan P’Ship Bulls 950kg $2.86c/kg and steers 352kg $2.91 c/kg , Kruger Farming, light 2T steers 292kg $2.50 c/kg.

SHEEP: Numbers increased this fortnight by 700 to yard 4010 although quality and weight through the lamb offering was noticeable, with lamb values mostly back on last sale. Grown sheep trends improved, although quality was not up to previous offerings. All the usual buyers attended, with re-stockers competitive on the plainer drafts. There were limited drafts of new season lambs, although a pen of shorn lambs made to $191/head. Light lambs to re-stockers saw slightly dearer trends. Light trade lambs sold to firm trends. Trade types sold a cheaper trend of $15/head, with heavy trades also cheaper. Limited heavy lambs made firm to $3/head better, however, lack of weight in the extra heavies saw those categories back. Heavy hoggets made to $180/head. Grown ewes saw dearer trends, light ewes selling to dearer trends of $7/head. Crossbred and Dorper ewes were $12 better and heavy cross ewes and wethers made to $170/head. Local sales: D McCowen Dorper ewes $124 and 50kg Dorper lambs $150- Ardentenney Holdings Merino ewes to $112- R & J Aitken, Aussie White lambs 39kg $122.



Inverell Livestock Report 19th November 2019

CATTLE: Numbers increased slightly to yard just under 3000 head with a rise in young cattle numbers, cows similar to last week. The regular buyers attended, with re-stockers competitive in securing cows and plainer re-stocker categories, to send to the Central West of the state. Young calves saw cheaper trends, with large numbers still available. Weaner steers and heifers also sold to cheaper trends, although some sales of very light better quality weaners did show slightly dearer trends of 4c to 14c/kg for limited numbers. Better conditioned heifers did see a 10c/kg rise. Light yearling steers to feed sold to cheaper trends of 9c to 15c/kg. Better quality light heifers saw dearer trends of up to 13c, however medium weights saw a cheaper trend of 17c/kg. Limited numbers of grown steers sold to the trade, with the plainer heifer drafts selling to a cheaper trend, down as much as 30c/kg, lack of quality the reason. Light cows to feed saw significant reductions, with light re-stocker cows receiving negative results of 40c/kg. Medium weight trade cows saw prices easy by 11c/kg, and the heavy D3 and D4 cows also eased 17c to 21c/kg. An improved bull market saw heavy bulls sell to 315c/kg. Next sheep and cattle sale for Inverell is the 26th November.


Inverell Livestock Report 12th November 2019

CATTLE: There were extra numbers at Inverell this sale to yard 2350 a rise of 1400 head and cows were in the majority, bolstered by good supplies of young cattle a good number of these supplementary fed. There were also numbers of plainer conditioned cattle and this led to a cheaper selling trend for those categories. All the regular buyers attended and operated, along with good competition for re-stocker cows selling to the Central West of the state.  Early weaned calves sold to dearer trends, heavier better conditioned drafts went over the scales, with many of the very light calves being sold open auction. Bucket calves from $70-$120 each. Depending on quality calves 90-170kg made up to $3.20. Plain quality steer weaners saw trends cheaper, up to 40c to re-stocker competition, conversely the better-quality heifer portion saw dearer trends, up by the same margin. Yearling steers to feed and re-stock also saw a price correction of 8c to 10c/kg. There was no change in the medium weight steers. Trade steers saw a rise in trends of 11c/kg . Light heifers saw a rise in trends of 16c, as well as the medium weights to 24c/kg better.  Heavy steers to feed sold to a dearer trend of 16c/kg. Grain assisted steers at 450kg realising prices into the early $3.00’s. Grown heifers saw significant rises, with better quality pens being offered. Light cows to slaughter saw dearer trends of 22c/kg. Medium weight cows sold to the Central West of the state to similar trends of 22c/kg with 380kg to 430kg cows making up to $220. No real change in the medium trade cows but a lot of cows making $2.25 to $2.50. Heavy grain assisted D3 and D4 cows were moderately dearer, by 4c to 6c/kg with heavy cows realising prices into the $2.80’s . Depending on weight, bulls sold 14c to 24c/kg better in a slightly increased penning with 900kg plus bulls going into the early $3.00’s but most heavy bulls over $2.85.

SHEEP: There were extra numbers for Inverell this fortnight, with an emphasis on more sheep being offered to yard 3380 up by 780.  There was a very limited supply of new season lambs, which made to $190/head. Light lambs sold to dearer trends, up to $7/head. Trade lambs also sold to a dearer trend from $150 to $155/head. Limited supplies of heavy lambs sold to a cheaper trend, while weight and quality of the extra heavy drafts sold to dearer trends. Hoggets sold to $160/head.  Light ewes saw cheaper trends of $15/head, while the medium weight drafts saw dearer trends. Gain, weight and quality of the heavier drafts saw those categories significantly dearer. Conversely, the quality of the wether penning saw those drafts $10/head cheaper. Re-stockers operated on light drafts of Merino ewes.



Inverell Livestock Report 5th November 2019.

CATTLE:   Numbers reduced to almost half of last week’s sale to yard 930 down by 700 or so. Early/younger weaned calf numbers reduced considerably, with the weaner penning similar. Yearling and cow numbers also reduced. There were limited pens of supplementary fed yearlings and cows, but still plenty of plainer, weather affected younger cattle. All the regular buyers attended to a market which fluctuated in value according to quality.  Steer weaners rose considerably selling to the re-stocker and backgrounder trade with the 90 to 150kg steer calves ranging from $2.40 to $3.20. Heifers not so much, seeing a reduced trend of 15c/kg, with quality variation causing such reduction. Yearling steers saw a dearer trend through the offering. Light weight backgrounders saw a rise of 10c, with medium weight steers trending up 27c/kg. Heavy feeders saw a significant rise of 20c/kg, again quality related. Conversely, light heifers to feed saw a cheaper trend of 19c/kg, with a varied quality offering. Heavy trade heifers saw a slight rise in value.  There were too few grown steers and heifers to give a reliable quote. Plain, light cows to feed and restock saw a cheaper trend of 15c to 17c/kg , these were quality related prices as most cows rose in price. Medium D2 cows were 18c better and quality D3 medium cows saw a rise of 30c/kg. Heavy D4 cows saw trends rise 17c/kg with cows from 650 kg and up making up to $2.75. The heavy bulls also sold to dearer trends of 9c/kg with bulls in the medium to heavy end from  850kg and up fetching rates to $2.85.


Inverell Livestock Report 29th October 2019

CATTLE: The yarding increased by over 800 for a total of 1,657 head. Yearlings and cows made up the largest percentage of the yarding, however as the dry weather continues producers have decided to sell their calves resulting in many light calves through the sale. Quality of the young cattle varied considerably with a few pens of well finished supplementary fed yearlings offered, however there was a large percentage of plain conditioned yearlings through the sale, although they were mainly were well bred cattle. There was a good line up of buyers keen to fill orders, resulting in a strong market, with re-stocker weaner steers selling to 278c, while background and feeder steers sold firm to slightly dearer ranging from 258c to 284c/kg. The odd heavy trade yearling steer sold to a top of 301c/kg. Yearling heifers were 8c to 9c dearer with feeder heifers selling to a top of 276c and trade heifers to 290c/kg.  The yarding of export cattle consisted mainly of cows, along with a few grown steers and a fair penning of heifers. Grown steers sold to a top of 336c for young steers, while heifers reached a top of 300c/kg. The cow market met keen competition from re-stockers and processors, with 1 and 2 score feeder cows selling from 159c to 230c/kg. Medium weight 3 score cows to process averaged 221c, while heavy cows sold to a top of 278c/kg. Best of the heavy bulls topped at 278c/kg.

SHEEP / LAMBS: There was a yarding of 2,509 head of sheep for the fortnightly sale, of which there was just over 900 lambs sold. The supply of lambs consisted predominately of trade weights and a fair penning of light lambs, while there was a limited supply of heavy lambs.  Competition was strong with heavy lambs selling to a top of $233, and trade weights sold to $198/head. Re-stockers and feeders were active in the market helping to push prices up for the lightweight lambs.  The yarding of mutton consisted of a good supply of both wethers and ewes, with a fair percentage of sheep carrying a good skin. Heavy ewes sold to a top of $150 and wethers to $140/head.



Inverell Livestock Report 22nd October 2019

CATTLE: Numbers eased this week by a little under half to yard 835 down by 526. There was a good balance of young cattle and cows, with drafts of grain assisted offerings available. An extra cow buyer attended after a short absence and all the regular buyers competed in a dearer market.  Re-stockers were competitive in the weaner penning, both steers and heifers posting gains, steers selling to 280c and heifers from 189c to 236c/kg. Yearling feeder steers saw rising trends of 6c, with re-stockers purchasing yearlings up to 286c/kg. Heavy feeders saw trends rise 8c/kg. Light C2 heifers to feed also saw a rise, up to 14c, with medium weights up 18c/kg. Heavy trade heifers experienced strong gains up 13c/kg.  Grown heifers to the trade saw a rise in trends of 19c/kg. Plain, light feeder cows gained substantial rises, with D2 medium weights up 5c/kg. D3 medium cows saw a rise of 30c and heavy D3 cows experienced a rise of 15c/kg. Heavy bulls saw a slight decrease of 5c, to 272c/kg.


Inverell Livestock Market Report 15th October 2019.

CATTLE: Rain through the market area saw a reduction in numbers, yarding 1360 head with a good offering of grain assisted heifer yearlings. Conversely, there were still plenty of plainer conditioned young cattle available. Light steers saw dearer trends, although a lack of quality saw the plainer types sell to a cheaper trend. All the regular operators were present, plus the return of an exporter after a protracted absence.  Light weaner steers saw significant rises from re-stockers, plainer types selling to a reduction of 19c/kg. Light yearlings saw dearer trends, up 15c/kg, however, medium weights saw cheaper trends. Yearling heifers experienced good gains for most grades, particularly on the grain assisted categories. Light feeders were up 30c, with the trade taking the grain assisted drafts, up to 18c/kg better.  Heavy grown heifers sold to 288c/kg. Re-stocker and feeder orders saw light cows take a substantial rise in trends, 1 scores to 40c better, with the medium 2 score cows to a 20c/kg premium. Medium weight cows to slaughter saw a 24c rise and the heavy cows sold firm, although best cows made to 257c/kg. Heavy bulls saw dearer trends to rise 13c/kg.

SHEEP: There was a reduction in numbers on the sale two weeks ago to yard 2400. There was a good selection of trade lambs and these categories saw firm trends. The well-presented heavy drafts saw dearer trends up to $20/head for the extra heavy lambs. Well-presented pens of heavier Merino lambs sold to a dearer trend. A lift in quality and weight saw the best hoggets rise $20/head.   Light ewes saw rises of $11, with the medium weights up $5/head. Heavy Dorpers sold to a firm trend. Again, improved weight and quality saw a slight rise of $3/head in the wether offering. Heavy lambs sold into the early $200’s and good mutton sold from mid to early $100’s,  Light mutton from $70 to $95.


Inverell Livestock Report 8th October 2019

CATTLE:  Inverell numbers increased slightly by 84 head to yard 1664 very mixed quality cattle. Young cattle contributed the bulk of numbers, with a good representation of cows. There were plenty of young, plain conditioned cattle available, with re-stocker orders from Southern and Western competition, as well as a QLD order for better bred and forward store cattle. All the regular buyers attended.
Light weaners under 200kgs saw cheaper trends to re-stockers, with lack of quality and condition a factor, understandably so. Light yearling steers to feed saw a dearer trend of 8c/kg. Medium weight also sold to dearer trends of 13c/kg, with the heavy drafts experiencing firm trends. Drafts of light yearling heifers to feed sold to a cheaper trend of 15c and the heavy feeders saw a rise of 14c/kg. Heavy trade heifers were 7c/kg better.
Very limited grown cattle precluded a report. Light 1 score cows to restock saw cheaper trends. Medium weight 2 score cows were dearer, up 6c/kg. The good yielding 3 and 4 score cows saw rises to 30c/kg. A reduced bull penning saw very heavy bulls sell to 273c/kg.