Inverell Livestock Report 21/7/2020

CATTLE: Numbers were well down by 390 head from last sale to yard 473 head of cattle, consisting of a good supply of yearlings a few pens of grown steers and heifers, while cows were in fair numbers. Quality of the young cattle was good with most steers and heifers off crop. Competition remained strong with re-stocker weaner steers selling to a top of 430c, while feeder steers held firm selling to 397c and re-stockers to 423c/kg. Cross-bred feeders 380-420kg $3.90-$4.05, 300-330kg backgrounders $4.00-$4.30. Feeder heifers were up to 20c dearer in places selling to 378c, and trade heifers reach a top sale of 388c/kg. 4T heifers 400-450kg $3.20-$3.50.  The yarding of export cattle saw prices hold firm for grown steers selling to 383c, while heifers gained 14c selling to 353c/kg. The cow market improved as did quality with several pens of high yielding caws offered. Medium weight 3 score cows $2.70-$2.85 averaged 268c, and heavy cows reached a top price of 287c/kg. Best of the heavy bulls sold to 328c/kg.

SHEEP: No MLA report at time of printing but heavy mutton from $175 to $190 but most medium weight mutton $125-$150. Lambs may have struggled to hold firm compared to last sale but 60-65kg lambs $188-$198. One exceptional pen of 80kg lambs made $240. Medium weights 45-51kg $145-$170 re-stockers pushed 30-35kg store lambs to $90.

GOATS: Contact me for rates v weights but light caprine $10.50- $11kg cwt.


Inverell Livestock Report 7th July 2020

CATTLE : Numbers were back marginally (-149) this sale to yard 663, with cow numbers declining by almost 50%. Young cattle numbers  remained similar to last week. All processors were present, although not all operated. Feeder and re-stocker operators competed in a mostly cheaper market. Weaner steers saw price trends fall by up to 35c, and heifers however saw a rise of 13c/kg, all these two categories going back to the paddock. A lack of quality affected most of the yearling steers significantly, especially the feeder categories. Medium weight steers not so much to be back by 10c/kg. Light weight heifers to feed saw cheaper price trends to be back by 30c/kg, again quality affected. No change in the grown steers to slaughter, however the heifer portion slipped in price by 12c to 28c/kg. Light weight cows saw cheaper price trends of 19c, followed up by the medium weight cows dropping in price 6c/kg. There was a good offering of heavy weight cows that sold to a cheaper trend of 12c/kg.

SHEEP / LAMBS: Sheep and lamb numbers reduced by 1,081 to pen 450 lambs and 200 grown sheep. There was a good quality penning of both sheep and lambs. A major processor was absent, owing to renovations at that abattoir. All other buyers were present and operating to a much cheaper market. Trade lambs sold to cheaper trends of $12 to $27, similarly heavy trades sold to cheaper trends of $16 to $30/head. Heavy lambs were significantly cheaper, while extra heavies topped at $200, $38/head back. Hoggets sold to $130/head. Medium weight crossbred ewes sold to $130 while wethers sold to as much as $50 to $60/head back on last day.

GOATS: With numbers being in decline for some months there is a healthy c/kg rate at the moment, contact us for details.


Inverell Livestock Report 30/6/2020

CATTLE: Numbers were like last sale with a slight reduction in the cow offering to yard 812 head in a fair to good quality penning of cattle.. The regular buyers attended on a day that saw cow sales firm on trends for most of that offering with only a few sales slightly dearer. Weaner steers and heifers saw dearer trends to re-stocker competition with the steers up 22c, the heifer portion experiencing a rise of 15c/kg. Yearling steers under 280kg sold to significant rises to re-stocker interest as did the feeder portion under 330kg. Younger type weaned steers out of the Bundarra area 270 kg made to $4.10, some lighter calves made to $4.60 but under or around the 200kg weight range and non-weaned. Medium weight steers to feed saw cheaper trends owing to a decline in quality which was back 7c/kg. Similarly, the heavy drafts of feeder steers sold to cheaper trends of 13c/kg. The yearling heifer drafts also saw a reduction in trends, the light feeders marginally cheaper, back 4c, with the medium weights down 9c/kg. The lighter drafts of grown steers to feed sold to a reduction of 15c/kg. Heavy grown heifers to the trade sold to a cheaper trend, back 20c/kg owing to a quality variation. PTIC 4-6 tooth hfrs around the 440kg to $3.60 to a re-stocker.  Medium weight cows saw only a token reduction in trends which may have been quality and weight related. Cows 380-420 kg made from $2.60-$2.72, heavy cows 660kg made up to $3.05. Bulls bringing early $3’s.

Sheep and lambs : Tuesday 7th July.

Inverell Livestock Report 23/6/2020

CATTLE: There was a slight increase in the offering of 150 head to yard 826 cattle with cows being the majority and also a noticeable improvement in quality for that category with many high yielding cows coming off crop. The regular processors were at the rail as well as feeder and background competition. Weaner steers saw increased competition, trends up 11c to 15c/kg to backgrounder interest. Conversely, weaner heifers saw a cheaper trend, quality factoring into the reduction. Light yearling steers declined slightly by 4c, as did the medium weight steers, slipping 9c/kg. 300-340 kg steers from $3.90 to $4.20.Light backgrounder steers sold to a cheaper trend, dropping 12c/kg. Light feeder heifers saw a slightly dearer trend of 5c, with light trade heifers secured a significant rise, up 27c/kg. Heavy grown trade steers enjoyed good rises , selling to 374c/kg. A lift in quality for grown trade heifers saw rises of 13 to 20c/kg. Light cows sold strongly, medium weights were up 13c/kg. Heavy D3 cows sold strongly, seeing rises of 5 to 7c/kg. Medium weight bulls were firm, heavy bulls selling to a correction of 15c/kg.

SHEEP / LAMBS: There was an increased penning of 1,059 lambs and 672 grown sheep. It was a good quality offering with good pens of heavy lambs available. All the regular buyers attended to a mostly cheaper market. Re-stockers operated on pens of store lambs and young Merino ewes. Light lambs saw cheaper trends, as did trade lambs which sold to reductions of $6/head and more in places. Heavy trade lambs saw falls of $9/head, while some weight reductions saw heavy lambs experience significant declines. Extra heavy lambs topped at $258/head. The best of the hoggets sold to $188/head. Medium weight ewes sold to cheaper trends, up to $30, while heavy ewes sold to cheaper trends of $11/head. Heavy wethers back $24 to top at $194/head.


Inverell Livestock Report 16th June 2020

CATTLE: Numbers increased slightly to yard 670 head , up by 290 with a good run of quality cows offered. The usual processor panel attended and competed strongly for that category, as well as feeders and re-stockers bidding strongly for product. Lesser quality in the weaner steer category saw a significant correction. The heifer portion sold to gains of 20c/kg. Light feeder steers saw cheaper trends, again quality related, however, the heavier grades sold to significantly dearer trends. Top quality weaner steers out of the Bundarra area, 315 kg averaged $4.05. Light heifers to feed on sold to dearer trends. Re-stocker interest pushed light heifers to average 385c and trade heifers rose 11c/kg. Limited numbers of heavy steers to feed saw prices make from 262c to 354c/kg, while heavy heifers sold to significant rises. Light cows saw little change, with re-stockers up 11c/kg. D3 cows sold to dearer trends, up 12c to hit $3.12 and the D4 sold cows to 295c/kg. A rising bull market saw heavy bulls make to 329c/kg.


Inverell Livestock Report 9/6/2020

CATTLE : Numbers reduced once more to pen 148 head less than last week in a penning of 380 head with a touch over 100 cows making up almost a third of the yarding. A major processor returned after a short absence and all other operators competed in a dearer market. Light steer weaners saw a much dearer trend to re-stockers as did the heifer portion with prices up by as much as 40c/kg. Light yearling steers saw significantly dearer trends to backgrounders, with feeder steers showing dearer trends of 13c/kg. Medium weight steers however did see  cheaper trends, back 12c/kg. Very light yearling heifers saw substantial rises, again to re-stockers. Trade heifers experienced good rises. Limited numbers of grown steers sold to 358c/kg. Grown heifers saw rises of as much as 19c, topping at 320c/kg. Medium weight cows sold to dearer trends of 14c/kg. D3 cows also saw rises of 6c/kg with 550kg + cows returning around  $2.80. The bull market sold to dearer trends, with heavy bulls selling to 27c/kg better making $3.16.

SHEEP / LAMBS: The penning for lambs increased to 1,105 lambs and 835 grown sheep for a total of 1940 sheep and lambs. Quality improved and weight increased through the lamb offering to see trends improve, to see a generally dearer market than two weeks ago. Sheep varied to see some classes sell to cheaper trends. All the regular buyers attended to see competition on plainer, lesser conditioned lambs meet strong demand to head to the Central West of the state to finish. Light lambs sold to re-stockers to average $145/head. Light trade lambs sold to dearer trends, up $11/head with 38kg-42kg making around the $165 mark. Trade lambs also saw a dearer trend of $8 to $13/head with 45-55kg lambs averaging around $188-$212 per head. Heavy trades also sold to dearer trends, as did the heavier end of the lambs up $9/head, 65-70kg lambs reaching around $260-270. Extra heavies (80kg)topped at $300/head. The best hoggets sold to $233/head. Medium weight crossbred ewes sold to a significantly dearer trend, while the heavier drafts were cheaper. Heavy crossbred wethers made to $230/head.

GOATS: There are still some competitive rates around on goats depending on weight and type but mostly from $7.50-$10.00 CWT.



Inverell Livestock Report 2nd June 2020

CATTLE: Sale numbers reduced this week to yard 528 head, down by 630 with the most noticeable decline in cow numbers back 400 head. Quality lacked through the young cattle to see a cheaper trend and limited processor activity saw that category flag in values. Steer weaners broke the trend, however, selling to a dearer trend as did the heifers portion, both categories selling to re-stocker interest. The heavier drafts selling to significantly cheaper trends, with trade heifers back 14c/kg. Light yearling steers experienced reduced competition of 5c/kg. Steers under 330kg were cheaper, also the medium feeder weights, back 6c/kg. Light heifers saw similar reductions, back 6c, although trade yearling heifer saw a slight rise, up 5c/kg. Heavy feeder steers saw a good rise, up 13c/kg. Cows bore the brunt of the corrections, due mostly to a lack of processor competition, with two major buyers not attending. Drafts of P.T.I.C cows sold to re-stocker interests, selling to 321c/kg. The balance of the trade cows saw cheaper trends throughout. Medium weight cows saw a reduction of 20c/kg. Similar reductions were experienced in the heavy D3 and D4 cows, back 19c and 21c/kg respectively. Bulls sold to cheaper trends.



Inverell Livestock Report 26/5/2020

CATTLE:  Numbers increased sharply to yard 1156 head with cows in the ascendancy of 700 head. That market varied with the absence of one exporter and the gain of one more. However, of the remaining exporters, only three operated. The balance of the regular buyers was present and operating. Lack of numbers and quality saw steer weaners sell to cheaper trends. Very light heifer weaners also sold to cheaper trends, with light heifers selling to a dearer trend of 13c/kg. Yearling steers under 280kg sold to a cheaper trend of 22c,while light and medium weight steers sold to dearer trends of 9c to 11c/kg. 360kg steers $415-$4.25. 400kg steers similar rates depending on condition. Trade heifers saw dearer trends, upwards of 15c to 30c/kg. Light feeder heifers saw no change to sell to firm trends. Heavy steers to feed were back 20c, while grown heifers saw a rise of 19c/kg. Light trade cows were dearer, with the medium drafts up to 9c/kg better. With limited competition from exporters, heavy cow trends varied with heavy two score cows 5c better and the heavy D3 and D4 cows to 4c/kg back, best cow $3.12 only 2c back on last week but the overall average was stronger than last week. A plainer bull offering saw averages for the heavy bulls back 9c/kg.

SHEEP:  Numbers reduced this fortnight to 600 lambs and 485 grown sheep. Lamb weight and quality lifted to eventuate in a dearer market with good demand from the regular buyers. There was one pen of late, light new season lambs going to the trade sold to an increase otherwise light lambs sold to the trade at dearer trends. Trade lambs sold to dearer trends of up to $20/head on last sale. Similarly, heavy trades were dearer, as were heavy lambs, selling $6 to $10/head better. Extra heavy lamb weights improved to see the top pen sell to $299/head. Hoggets were slightly cheaper, back $30/head for the better drafts. Light and medium ewes were $20 to $30 better, topping at $268/head for Dorper ewes. Cross bred wethers topped at $200/head.


Inverell Livestock Report 19/5/2020

CATTLE: Numbers lifted to yard 618 head of a quality improved yarding  with a very good selection of heavy cows and young cattle offering a significant increase in both numbers and quality. Demand was strong through all classes with an extra processor vying for product, as did re-stockers and feed lots through the young cattle.   Re-stockers competed strongly for steer weaners, up to 40c in places with good calves making over $5.00, similarly for the heifer drafts, that category rising 20c/kg on average to reach high $4’s. Light yearling steers to feed saw a dearer trend with a sharp rise in quality. Medium weight steers to feed experienced significant rises, selling to 424c/kg. The heifer offering also saw a rise in trends. Light heifers to the re-stockers sold to 399c/kg. Medium weight feed heifers saw good rises, up 15c/kg.  Quality in the grown trade steer drafts lifted to see the top steers average at 330c, up 25c/kg. The demand for heavy feeders took that category to 375c/kg. Grown heifers were firm. Cows saw a substantial rise in trends, mostly with the advent of an extra operator. Medium weights saw a rise of 20c, the heavy D3 and D4 cows, up 30c to 40c, selling to 314c/kg. Bulls to early $3.00’s.

SHEEP: Next sale 26th May.

GOATS: Contact us as rates vary on numbers and weights but still have kill room available.


Inverell Livestock Report 12/04/20

CATTLE: Numbers reduced slightly to yard 419  and quality through the yearling steer portion declined to eventuate in a cheaper trend for that category. Other classes saw mostly firm to dearer trends. All the regular buyers attended and although there were limited numbers of processors competing.  Feeders and re-stockers were competitive. Steer weaners were in short supply however and demand was quite strong to see firm to slightly dearer trends, with re-stockers the main competitors. Light steers to $5.00 and more, yearling type Angus steers 250-280kg to $4.22 and a bit more in places, the cross breed types not far behind at $3.90-$4.20.  Yearling steers experienced cheaper price trends through most weight classes from both feeder and re-stocker interests. Quantity and quality were major factors in the correction. Conversely the heifer portion received a dearer price trend emerge, from both feeders and re-stockers dominating through the penning. Steers 500-600kg sold to a dearer trend, while grown heifers experienced significant rises in prices. Medium weight trade cows saw a cheaper price trend of 16c, with the heavy weight cows’ firm, making to 278c/kg. Bulls made to 282c/kg . Some categories quality related in regards to price drops and low numbers overall hard to give a full assessment on rates.

SHEEP / LAMBS: Numbers rose, mostly in the grown sheep category, with lambs similar to a fortnight ago. Sheep quality lifted to see most classes experiencedearer trends. All the regular operators were present with competition from re-stockers on ewes and wethers. Cross bred lambs saw firm trends on a fortnight ago, 60kg to $238. Dorpers, for the most part saw weights reduce, culminating in cheaper trends. Merino lambs saw values reduce $3/head. Light lambs to the re-stockers made from $68 to $75/head. Hoggets saw a substantial rise, selling to $240/head. Heavy cross bred ewes sold to dearer trends of $26/head. Light Merino ewes saw a reduction in value of $13/head. Wethers saw a firm trend, selling to $211/head. Re-stockers paid to $176/head for wethers back to the paddock, wethers to kill $184-$210. Meat rams sold to $162/head.