Inverell Livestock Report 24th November 2020

CATTLE: Numbers increased to yard 1808, up by 540 on last week with hot conditions beginning to prevail. Cows were in a minority, with young cattle numbers increasing. There was a major exporter absent, all other regular operators competed in a cheaper market. Light young steers sold to re-stockers, 100-130kg grass eater steers $700, with the better drafts of light feeders selling on firm to slightly dearer trends, 320kg xb steers $4.48. Secondary medium weights saw that category back marginally with quality a contributing factor. Again, plainer conditioned steers through the heavy feeder drafts saw that category marginally cheaper, 600kg 0T steers $3.78, 500-550kg 0T strs $4.00, maybe better in places if closer to 500kg. Similar falls were evident through the heifer offering, light re-stockers back 14c and the medium weights falling 8c/kg. Trade weights varied with some 3 scores selling to cheaper trends. 460-500kg 0T hfrs $3.96, 2T 365kg hfrs $3.92. Soft Euro cross hfrs to kill 260-280kg $4.66. Overall older steers and heifers nto cheaper rates. Cows saw the greater falls, the medium weights back 11c and the heavy categories easing by 25c/kg with 550kg + cows $2.91, with most heavy cows early to mid $2.90’s. Bulls also saw cheaper trends throughout, heavy bulls to $3.36, 600kg bulls to $3.53. SHEEP / LAMBS: Numbers were limited with 328 lambs and 553 grown sheep. Despite low numbers, quality in both categories was good, with several pens of heavy shorn lambs offered as well as pens of heavy crossbred ewes, with competition from re-stockers. The regular buyers attended in a dearer market. Trade lambs sold to dearer trends throughout with heavy trade selling to a rise of $12/head. Heavy lambs also saw a rise of $23/head. Lambs in excess of 30kg cwt sold to firm trends, topping the sale at $240/head. Grown ewes sold to dearer tends throughout, Merino ewes sold to $160 and re-stockers pushed processors on older first cross ewes to reach $190/head. Heavy crossbred wethers reached a top of $160/head. Heavy long wool XB ewes $180, 27kg wethers bare shorn $158, aged merino ewes ¾” skin 17kg CWT $117. GOATS: Prices still hovering around the $9.50kg CWT with several different grids in place, contact us for availability and suitable rates.

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