Inverell Livestock Report 10/11/2020

CATTLE: Numbers lifted by 493 for a yarding of 1,275 head of cattle. Young cattle made up a large percentage of the yarding along with a good penning of cows. The offering of yearlings consisted of a good supply of steers and heifers with several runs of well-bred cattle in prime condition. Most of the cattle were suitable for feeder buyers with only an odd sale going to the trade. The market improved again this week with heavy feeder steers selling 5c to 6 cents dearer, some sales more, most of the medium weight and heavy feeder steers sold from 405c to 455c while re-stockers sold to 531c/kg. Feeder heifers made from 406c to 435c and to 421c/kg for trade heifers. The yarding of export cattle consisted mainly of cows along with several pens of grown heifers however there was also a small offering of grown steers. Processor competition was strong with grown steers selling to a top of 415c for the younger type steers, 0-2T steers 450-470kg $4.27, 0T steers 300-350kg $4.50, soft Euro/Bos x steers milk tooth 340-360kg $4.49, 550-600kg bullocks $3.80 while young heavy heifers reached a top price of 394c/kg, 6T hfrs 500kg plus $3.55 was the money nearly all day for the fresh types. The good run of cows consisted mainly of heavy weights that sold slightly dearer making from 318c to 330c (700-780kg cows $3.26-$3.30) while 3 score medium weights were 3c dearer to average 302c/kg. The outstanding run of 40 heavy bulls were 20c dearer reaching a top price of 367.2c with several bulls selling over 360c/kg. SHEEP / LAMBS: There was a yarding of 517 head of sheep and 182 lambs offered for the fortnightly sale. It was one of the smallest penning of lambs yarded at the sale. Quality was mixed with re-stockers active paying up to $134/head for light lambs. There was not a lot of processor interest in the sale however a pen of heavy lambs 67kg sold to a top of $238/head. The mixed quality yarding of sheep consisted of a fair selection of ewes and wethers with ewes selling to $189 and wethers sold to a top price of $200/head. 22kg CWT bare shorn XB ewes $186, 24kg merino wethers full wool with plenty of burr and seed $185. Numbers too low to accurately quote. GOATS: Grids out from most processors are on a scale, around the $9.50 kg/CWT, contact us for best quotes suitable for your tally and location.

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