Inverell Livestock Report 8/09/2020

CATTLE: Numbers increased to yard 750 head of a rather mixed quality penning being offered. Trends reduced through the young cattle, both steers and heifers, to see backgrounders and re-stockers fill the gap, sending drafts of both better quality and plainer types back to the paddock and on to crop. Feeder operators competed to cheaper trends, although the gap not as much as in the re-stocker categories. Most but not all processors were in attendance and operated to firm and slightly dearer trends in the heavy categories. Light and very light yearling steers sold to cheaper trends of 15c to 27c/kg. Light feeders experienced cheaper trends, back 16c/kg. Medium and heavy feeders back 8c to 11c/kg. The heifer drafts sold to similar trends for the restock categories, light weights significantly cheaper, while the plainer drafts sold back to crop fatteners to finish. Medium weight heifers to the feed lot sold to cheaper trends of 4c to 7c/kg, the gap not as severe compared to the re-stocker categories. Grown steers, in general sold to a cheaper trend, although the heavier drafts saw a rise of 9c/kg. The heifer’s drafts, however, saw falls of 10c/kg for feeders. Light and medium weight cows sold to cheaper trends. Heavy D3 cows were firm, while the heavy weight D4 drafts sold to a slightly dearer trend. Bulls sold to cheaper trends of 19c/kg due to a lack of processor competition.

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