Inverell Livestock Report 21/7/2020

CATTLE: Numbers were well down by 390 head from last sale to yard 473 head of cattle, consisting of a good supply of yearlings a few pens of grown steers and heifers, while cows were in fair numbers. Quality of the young cattle was good with most steers and heifers off crop. Competition remained strong with re-stocker weaner steers selling to a top of 430c, while feeder steers held firm selling to 397c and re-stockers to 423c/kg. Cross-bred feeders 380-420kg $3.90-$4.05, 300-330kg backgrounders $4.00-$4.30. Feeder heifers were up to 20c dearer in places selling to 378c, and trade heifers reach a top sale of 388c/kg. 4T heifers 400-450kg $3.20-$3.50.  The yarding of export cattle saw prices hold firm for grown steers selling to 383c, while heifers gained 14c selling to 353c/kg. The cow market improved as did quality with several pens of high yielding caws offered. Medium weight 3 score cows $2.70-$2.85 averaged 268c, and heavy cows reached a top price of 287c/kg. Best of the heavy bulls sold to 328c/kg.

SHEEP: No MLA report at time of printing but heavy mutton from $175 to $190 but most medium weight mutton $125-$150. Lambs may have struggled to hold firm compared to last sale but 60-65kg lambs $188-$198. One exceptional pen of 80kg lambs made $240. Medium weights 45-51kg $145-$170 re-stockers pushed 30-35kg store lambs to $90.

GOATS: Contact me for rates v weights but light caprine $10.50- $11kg cwt.


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