Inverell Livestock Report 7th July 2020

CATTLE : Numbers were back marginally (-149) this sale to yard 663, with cow numbers declining by almost 50%. Young cattle numbers  remained similar to last week. All processors were present, although not all operated. Feeder and re-stocker operators competed in a mostly cheaper market. Weaner steers saw price trends fall by up to 35c, and heifers however saw a rise of 13c/kg, all these two categories going back to the paddock. A lack of quality affected most of the yearling steers significantly, especially the feeder categories. Medium weight steers not so much to be back by 10c/kg. Light weight heifers to feed saw cheaper price trends to be back by 30c/kg, again quality affected. No change in the grown steers to slaughter, however the heifer portion slipped in price by 12c to 28c/kg. Light weight cows saw cheaper price trends of 19c, followed up by the medium weight cows dropping in price 6c/kg. There was a good offering of heavy weight cows that sold to a cheaper trend of 12c/kg.

SHEEP / LAMBS: Sheep and lamb numbers reduced by 1,081 to pen 450 lambs and 200 grown sheep. There was a good quality penning of both sheep and lambs. A major processor was absent, owing to renovations at that abattoir. All other buyers were present and operating to a much cheaper market. Trade lambs sold to cheaper trends of $12 to $27, similarly heavy trades sold to cheaper trends of $16 to $30/head. Heavy lambs were significantly cheaper, while extra heavies topped at $200, $38/head back. Hoggets sold to $130/head. Medium weight crossbred ewes sold to $130 while wethers sold to as much as $50 to $60/head back on last day.

GOATS: With numbers being in decline for some months there is a healthy c/kg rate at the moment, contact us for details.


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