Inverell Livestock Report 23/6/2020

CATTLE: There was a slight increase in the offering of 150 head to yard 826 cattle with cows being the majority and also a noticeable improvement in quality for that category with many high yielding cows coming off crop. The regular processors were at the rail as well as feeder and background competition. Weaner steers saw increased competition, trends up 11c to 15c/kg to backgrounder interest. Conversely, weaner heifers saw a cheaper trend, quality factoring into the reduction. Light yearling steers declined slightly by 4c, as did the medium weight steers, slipping 9c/kg. 300-340 kg steers from $3.90 to $4.20.Light backgrounder steers sold to a cheaper trend, dropping 12c/kg. Light feeder heifers saw a slightly dearer trend of 5c, with light trade heifers secured a significant rise, up 27c/kg. Heavy grown trade steers enjoyed good rises , selling to 374c/kg. A lift in quality for grown trade heifers saw rises of 13 to 20c/kg. Light cows sold strongly, medium weights were up 13c/kg. Heavy D3 cows sold strongly, seeing rises of 5 to 7c/kg. Medium weight bulls were firm, heavy bulls selling to a correction of 15c/kg.

SHEEP / LAMBS: There was an increased penning of 1,059 lambs and 672 grown sheep. It was a good quality offering with good pens of heavy lambs available. All the regular buyers attended to a mostly cheaper market. Re-stockers operated on pens of store lambs and young Merino ewes. Light lambs saw cheaper trends, as did trade lambs which sold to reductions of $6/head and more in places. Heavy trade lambs saw falls of $9/head, while some weight reductions saw heavy lambs experience significant declines. Extra heavy lambs topped at $258/head. The best of the hoggets sold to $188/head. Medium weight ewes sold to cheaper trends, up to $30, while heavy ewes sold to cheaper trends of $11/head. Heavy wethers back $24 to top at $194/head.


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