Inverell Livestock Report 9/6/2020

CATTLE : Numbers reduced once more to pen 148 head less than last week in a penning of 380 head with a touch over 100 cows making up almost a third of the yarding. A major processor returned after a short absence and all other operators competed in a dearer market. Light steer weaners saw a much dearer trend to re-stockers as did the heifer portion with prices up by as much as 40c/kg. Light yearling steers saw significantly dearer trends to backgrounders, with feeder steers showing dearer trends of 13c/kg. Medium weight steers however did see  cheaper trends, back 12c/kg. Very light yearling heifers saw substantial rises, again to re-stockers. Trade heifers experienced good rises. Limited numbers of grown steers sold to 358c/kg. Grown heifers saw rises of as much as 19c, topping at 320c/kg. Medium weight cows sold to dearer trends of 14c/kg. D3 cows also saw rises of 6c/kg with 550kg + cows returning around  $2.80. The bull market sold to dearer trends, with heavy bulls selling to 27c/kg better making $3.16.

SHEEP / LAMBS: The penning for lambs increased to 1,105 lambs and 835 grown sheep for a total of 1940 sheep and lambs. Quality improved and weight increased through the lamb offering to see trends improve, to see a generally dearer market than two weeks ago. Sheep varied to see some classes sell to cheaper trends. All the regular buyers attended to see competition on plainer, lesser conditioned lambs meet strong demand to head to the Central West of the state to finish. Light lambs sold to re-stockers to average $145/head. Light trade lambs sold to dearer trends, up $11/head with 38kg-42kg making around the $165 mark. Trade lambs also saw a dearer trend of $8 to $13/head with 45-55kg lambs averaging around $188-$212 per head. Heavy trades also sold to dearer trends, as did the heavier end of the lambs up $9/head, 65-70kg lambs reaching around $260-270. Extra heavies (80kg)topped at $300/head. The best hoggets sold to $233/head. Medium weight crossbred ewes sold to a significantly dearer trend, while the heavier drafts were cheaper. Heavy crossbred wethers made to $230/head.

GOATS: There are still some competitive rates around on goats depending on weight and type but mostly from $7.50-$10.00 CWT.



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