Inverell Livestock Report 12/04/20

CATTLE: Numbers reduced slightly to yard 419  and quality through the yearling steer portion declined to eventuate in a cheaper trend for that category. Other classes saw mostly firm to dearer trends. All the regular buyers attended and although there were limited numbers of processors competing.  Feeders and re-stockers were competitive. Steer weaners were in short supply however and demand was quite strong to see firm to slightly dearer trends, with re-stockers the main competitors. Light steers to $5.00 and more, yearling type Angus steers 250-280kg to $4.22 and a bit more in places, the cross breed types not far behind at $3.90-$4.20.  Yearling steers experienced cheaper price trends through most weight classes from both feeder and re-stocker interests. Quantity and quality were major factors in the correction. Conversely the heifer portion received a dearer price trend emerge, from both feeders and re-stockers dominating through the penning. Steers 500-600kg sold to a dearer trend, while grown heifers experienced significant rises in prices. Medium weight trade cows saw a cheaper price trend of 16c, with the heavy weight cows’ firm, making to 278c/kg. Bulls made to 282c/kg . Some categories quality related in regards to price drops and low numbers overall hard to give a full assessment on rates.

SHEEP / LAMBS: Numbers rose, mostly in the grown sheep category, with lambs similar to a fortnight ago. Sheep quality lifted to see most classes experiencedearer trends. All the regular operators were present with competition from re-stockers on ewes and wethers. Cross bred lambs saw firm trends on a fortnight ago, 60kg to $238. Dorpers, for the most part saw weights reduce, culminating in cheaper trends. Merino lambs saw values reduce $3/head. Light lambs to the re-stockers made from $68 to $75/head. Hoggets saw a substantial rise, selling to $240/head. Heavy cross bred ewes sold to dearer trends of $26/head. Light Merino ewes saw a reduction in value of $13/head. Wethers saw a firm trend, selling to $211/head. Re-stockers paid to $176/head for wethers back to the paddock, wethers to kill $184-$210. Meat rams sold to $162/head.



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