Inverell Livestock Report 28/4/2020

CATTLE: Numbers doubled to 668 head of mixed quality cattle. There was limited processor interest, with varying trends throughout the balance of the sale. The better finished yearlings sold firm to slightly dearer trends, with the plain condition lines receiving cheaper price trends, particularly for the lightweight drafts. Weaners saw a mostly cheaper trend, going back to the paddock, although the better quality still sold to 442c/kg. Similarly, the heifer portion was also cheaper, although the better end sold to 356c/kg to re-stocker interests. Light weight yearling steers saw slightly dearer trends to feed. Conversely the medium weights to feed sold to cheaper market to average 3c less, and re-stocker lines were 5c/kg cheaper. Medium weight heifers to feed were 13c better, while trade heifers saw a price rise of 11c, making to 320c/kg. Limited number of grown steers sold to 305c, while grown heifers to re-stockers saw a dearer trend of 15c/kg. Medium weight to processors cows were firm, with heavy cows showing a slight reduction. Cows to re-stockers sold to cheaper price trends of 4c/kg .
SHEEP / LAMBS: No MLA report available but most heavy lambs sold to $4 kg live weight, medium lambs about $3.75 kg live weight. Mutton would be close to averaging $3 kg live weight.
GOATS: Ring for rates as they do vary greatly according to variation in weights

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