Inverell Livestock Report 21/4/2020

CATTLE: Numbers increased slightly by 111 to yard 342 head and we saw equal numbers through all categories. Not all of the regular buyers attended to a mostly cheaper market, with a variation of quality factoring in. Light steer and heifer weaners saw dearer trends, selling to 500c and 470c/kg respectively.
Light yearling steers sold to cheaper trends, with the very light end seeing a reduction in quality. Medium weights, on the other hand saw trends improve for re-stocker categories, while feeder drafts saw a reduction of 4c/kg. Similarly, medium weight yearling heifers saw a significant improvement in the feeder drafts, with light re-stockers going the same way as the steer portion to see a much cheaper trend. Trade heifers also experienced a rise in trends in the lighter drafts.
Grown heifers sold to a dearer trend, up 26c/kg. Medium weight cows sold to a dearer trend of 8c/kg, with heavy cows, perhaps not showing enough finish to sell 11c/kg back. Re-stocker cows also saw reduced competition to be 12c/kg cheaper. The best of the heavy bulls sold to 275c/kg. A reminder coming out (hopefully) of the drought that if you have fed cotton trash to your livestock they are in a 60 day WHP from the day you notify NLIS/MLA that your stock are ne longer fed cotton trash. It is not from the day you actually stop feeding them the 60 day WHP begins, it is from when you notify the relevant bodies. Any queries feel free to give me a call.


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