Inverell Livestock Report 14/04/2020

CATTLE: With another short week imminent, the numbers at Inverell remained like last sale yarding 231 head with cows again in the majority. There was limited processor activity due to the reduced offering. However, cows to processors generally remained firm to slightly dearer, with secondary cows being sourced by re-stockers, as well as activity on some of the better cows back to the paddock. There was very limited buying on trade yearlings with the lack of numbers. However, re-stocker and feeder activity saw stronger price trends on those categories. 

 The well-bred steer weaners experienced dearer price trends to re-stockers, as did the heifer portion. Medium weight steers also sold to dearer market for the better types. Light and medium weight heifers to feed saw cheaper price trends, due to quality and lack of numbers a factor. 

 There were no numbers of grown cattle to provide a reliable report, and lack of weight saw steers sold to 280c, with the heifers selling to 235c/kg. Medium weight cows to re-stockers saw a firm trend, while medium weight cows to processors were slightly cheaper. Cows over 520kg experienced a slightly dearer trend making to 257c/kg. The light weight offering of bulls sold to 275c/kg.

SHEEP: Numbers reduced from two weeks ago, to an offering of 520 lambs and 318 grown sheep. Weight reduced slightly in the trade types. The regular buyers operated, although some operators found it difficult to source numbers of heavy sheep.  Heavy lambs sold to $232/head, these showing a dearer trend on the last sale day. However, the trade types tended to have reduced in weight to see a cheaper trend emerge. Heavy hoggets sold to $186/head. 

 The heavy drafts of cross bred ewes sold to $182/head to see cheaper trends, owing to weight variations. Merino ewes sold from $130 to $160. The heavy wethers sold to $160, again a drop in weight a factor. Medium weights saw firm trends, making from $138 to $148/head. Sheep that went back to the paddock sold from $82 to $95/head.


GOATS: Most processers around the $9.50 kg but contact us for variations as there are some rises for the right category.  


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