Inverell Livestock Report 7/04/2020

Cattle: There was a very limited penning of 230 mixed quality cattle down almost 700 head from previous weeks sale. There was a noticeable shortage of heavy, well finished cows available with one operator absent due to having ample numbers about them. Only a few processors present to operate at limited competition on the heavier drafts. All the regular feeder and re-stocker orders were in place to mixed competition.
Limited trade cattle saw cheaper trends for the most part, with the lighter vealers slightly dearer. Feeders under 330kg saw a dearer trend, while the medium drafts saw a slightly cheaper trend. Drafts of the lighter weaners sold to dearer tends to restock and background interests.
Grown heifers saw cheaper trends, like the cows, with less numbers and weights for buyers to compete strongly. Store cows held firm, with light trade slightly cheaper and the medium weights firm to slightly dearer. Again, lack of weight and numbers in the heavier drafts, precluded processors from operating at full capacity. Overall not really  enough numbers to accurately quote a market compared to the sale previous.

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