Inverell Livestock Report 31/03/2020

CATTLE: Numbers decreased slightly to yard 908 and see cows in the majority. Most processors were present along with the regular re-stocker and feeder orders, although on a restricted market trend. There was a return of competition from North of the border. Weaner steers and heifers sold to a cheaper trend, with steers 362c to 388c, and the heifer portion made to 344c/kg. Light weight yearling steers also sold to cheaper trends, making to 342c/kg. Heavy weight drafts of yearling steers sold to 370c/kg to feeder interests. The trade purchased yearling heifers from 360c to 390c, and the medium weight feeders sold to 352c/kg. Grown steers and heifers were to small in numbers to reliable quote. Cows experienced the brunt of the corrections. Light weight cows made from 202c to 218c/kg. The medium weight drafts of cows made to 246ckg. The better lines of heavy cows sold from 240c to 269c/kg. Bulls sold to cheaper price trends topping at 270c/kg.

SHEEP: At the close of business there was no MLA report but mutton was strong with 25kg very short wool XB $178, good frame forward store merino wethers 15mm wool between $145 and $158.Heaviest mutton to $220. Lambs rates appeared to be better, 55kg xb lambs $230, 43-48kg lambs between $145-$180. Rams to $110.

 Also please note: Given the significant impacts this pandemic is causing across the country, IRLX will prohibit non-essential personnel from attending sales to minimise the potential risk of spreading the virus.  *****THIS REFERS TO VENDORS SELLING LIVESTOCK AND ONLOOKERS PLEASE*****Contact us for your buying and selling requirements.



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