Inverell Livestock Report 24th March 2020

CATTLE: Numbers reduced slightly to yard 959, mostly of which was a mixed quality penning. Drafts of the younger cattle experienced some quality reduction. There was an extra cow buyer present, culminating in a firm to slightly dearer trend for that category. All other re-stocker and feeder orders were in place. Quality in the weaner offering eased to see cheaper trends for re-stocker steers, there was a  Queensland processor not buying but didn’t have a huge impact due to weight and quality,  similar trends for the heifer portion. Light yearling steers rallied to be 8c better, however a reduction in quality for medium weight feeder steers saw a decline of 25c/kg. Light re-stocker heifers sold to a cheaper trend of 5c, however, the better classes of feeder heifers sold to a firm to dearer trend of 3c/kg . Grown steers and heifers sold to substantially cheaper trends, although lack of quality was a factor. Medium weight cows sold to firm trends, while store cows sold to 9c/kg back. The extra cow buyer saw sales of heavy cows firm to slightly dearer to see the $3.00 mark broken. The best heavy bulls were slightly cheaper to sell at 291c/kg .


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