Inverell Livestock Report 3rd March 2020

CATTLE: Numbers increased slightly to yard 916  head with this being a mixed quality penning and with a good selection of supplement fed cattle, including cows. Most categories experienced cheaper price trends throughout, due to a reduction in quality from last sale. There was softer feeder competition, however there was strong demand on light weight re-stocker cows. Not all processors were present, and the result for slaughter cows was cheaper.  Vealer steers and heifers saw solid competition from restock interest, to improve in price by 9c to 20c/kg. However light weight feeder steers experienced cheaper trends due to a reduction in quality and eased in price by 17c/kg. Steers to the re-stockers also lost ground to ease in price by 12c/kg. Medium weight feeder steers sold to dearer trends, to improve by up 15c/kg. Plain conditioned heifers saw significant falls in price, and the medium weight feeders were the least affected to be 5c/kg cheaper.   Grown heifers to processors sold to a dearer trend of 11c/kg. Light weight cows to re-stockers experienced strong demand to gain up to 10c/kg. However, demand fell on the medium weights to processors, to ease by 7c/kg. The heavy D2 and D3 cows to processors eased in price by 2c to 5c/kg. The better bulls were dearer, to gain up 6c/kg.

SHEEP: A very small penning of 358 sheep and 105 lambs precluded an accurate market, however the market overall saw cheaper trends for lambs and sheep dearer. All the regular buyers were present.  Trade lambs saw a dearer trend, up $11/head. Quality and weight saw heavy trades significantly cheaper, as did the heavy lambs. Weight was back on the extra heavy lambs, seeing a reduction of $8/head. Hoggets sold to dearer trend with better weights involved.  Grown sheep were mostly dearer with better weights offered. Medium weights saw a substantial rise with heavy crossbreds to $190/head. Merino rams sold to $140 and young Dorper ewes sold to $143/head.




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