Inverell Livestock Report 4th Feb 2020

CATTLE; There was a 30% rise in the offering to yard 912 head with a good selection of supplementary fed young cattle and a good lift in cow quality. One exporter was absent, however there was a spike in competition in the feeder and backgrounder section of the offering. Young weaner type black steers bringing around the $4.00kg to $4.40 but in a very small offering.  Limited young cattle numbers saw yearling steers make to 372c, with the yearling heifer portion substantially dearer reaching 354c/kg. Both these classes sold to re-stock and background interest. Light and medium weight yearling steers to feed sold to a much dearer trend, to gain 24c to 43c/kg. Supplementary fed trade steers were also dearer, with medium weights up to 37c better, and heavy weights 13c/kg dearer. Local backgrounders stepped into the yearling heifers and paid up to 329c/kg. Supplement fed yearling heifers saw rises of 25c/kg.  Both grown steers and heifers experienced considerable rises. The big improvement was in the cow offering.  Light weight cows saw dearer price trends of up to 27c/kg from $2.10 to $2.35. Medium weight cows to processors were much dearer and re-stocker classes received a rise of 21c/kg with a lot of cows between $2.45 to the heavier end reaching $2.80. Heavy well finished cows saw rises of 23c to 30c, with top cows making to 295c/kg. Bulls were up to 18c/kg better to realise mid $2.90’s.

SHEEP/LAMBS: There were 1,000 mostly good quality lambs offered, along with 957 grown sheep. Heavy lambs dominated the penning, eventuating in a rise in trends for those classes and, as well as the trade lambs. Store lamb buyers were also active. All the regular buyers were present. Young lambs saw dearer trends of $12/head. Light re-stocker lambs sold to much dearer trends, topping at $149/head. Trade lambs saw trends rise $15 to $23/head. Medium weights also sold to dearer trends of $25/head, with heavy lambs seeing significant rises. Extra heavy lambs also sold to a dearer trend, up to $30/head better from $200 to $250.  Hoggets sold to $182/head. Light ewes were $14 dearer, while medium weights sold $10 to $20/head dearer. First Cross made to $160 and Dorpers made to $155/head. Heavy crossbreds were $33 dearer, while the best wethers sold to $200/head. Heavy rams sold to $120/head.

GOATS: Prices remaining steady this week with a shortage of numbers after wide spread rain, processors were forced to keep rates firm with most prices still bringing between $8.50 and $9.50 depending on weight and processor. Feel free to contact me for description on rates.



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