Inverell Livestock Report 28th Jan 2020

Cattle:There was a slight increase in numbers, up for all categories to yard 574 head. A good selection of grain assisted yearlings available, a limited supply of weaners and strong competition from restockers for the better bred, light drafts of cows. All but one processor present as well as strong feeder interest.
Well-bred steer weaners were snapped up by backgrounders as was the heifer portion. Light yearling steers to feed saw trends rise by 18c/kg, 210kg steer calves to $3.85. Heifer portion not far behind. Medium weight drafts saw a dearer trend of 25c with trade steers topping at 326c/kg. The heifer drafts were also dearer, with very light heifers to 27c/kg better to $2.68. Medium weight heifers to feed were significantly dearer, up 28c/kg.
Grown heifers improved by 19c/kg. Re-stocker interest pushed light cows (375kg) up 18c/kg to reach $2.22 and 430kg store cows to $2.28, Medium trade cows saw dearer trends, with the heavy D3 and D4 cows seeing much dearer trends, up 35c/kg in places to reach $2.69kg. An improved bull offering also saw trends rise 16c/kg ., good yearling bulls to $3kg, heavy bulls to $2.77kg.

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