Inverell Livestock Report 21/1/2020

CATTLE; Numbers reduced by 60% on last sale due to rain events through the drawing area to yard 310 head. All categories saw the change and included some very good offerings of trade and feeder yearlings. There was a limited penning of heavy cows. All the regular buyers attended, with the absence of one exporter.  Limited weaner and vealer numbers saw dearer trends of 20 to 40c/kg. Light yearling steers top feed saw rises of 14c, also heavy feeders experiencing significant rises of 20c/kg. Heifers saw much the same rises. Light feeders were up 11c and the medium weights experienced a dearer trend of 10c/kg. Well finished trade heifers saw the medium weights rise 10c to 20c, selling from 290c to 308c/kg .  Light store cows sold from 170c to 201c/kg. Medium weight trade cows saw rises of 19c to 24c, with the well finished heavy cows, 11c/kg better. An improvement in bull quality saw that category rise, up to 30c, selling to 281c/kg . Notable results: Store 240kg XB hfrs $2.45kg, good conditioned bulls with faults or lame $2.00 otherwise most bulls well into the mid $2.50’s and better up to $2.77. Best cows to $2.44 but limited amounts to gather much interest from buyers.  

SHEEP / LAMBS: The offering reduced to 180 lambs and 600 grown sheep, presumably from the recent rain including a 30mm downpour late Monday afternoon in and around Inverell. Lamb quality declined for the trade types, although the heavy lambs saw a good selection, even though there were quite a few single sales. All the regular buyers attended including some re-stocker interest. There were a few pens of good new season lambs on offer to see prices make from $184 to $223/head. Light old lambs saw trends rise $10, however, prices eased slightly for the trade types. Heavy lambs sold from $170 to $180, with the extra heavy drafts selling to $230/head. Plainer drafts of hoggets sold to $110/head.  Grown sheep sold to dearer trends throughout. Light ewes sold to $10/head better and medium weights significantly were dearer, making from $120 to $150/head. Heavy ewes sold from $160 to $190/head. Heavy wethers saw quality rise and prices responded accordingly, selling from $160 to $190/head. 39kg lambs to $125, 33kg lambs to $80, 54kg lambs $190 heavy mutton $142.

GOATS: Rates are still hovering around the $9.50 / kg cwt  for light to medium weight caprine ie 7-18kg, heavier goats at $9 and slipping to $8.50 with declines in prices tipped, however with recent rain I believe a shortage in goats will create a rise in prices but this really depends on what goats are being brought in from the greater western areas. Feel free to contact me rates and freight delivery points. Also if you have goats on hand and the yard facilities aren’t great, call to arrange a pick up so they don’t escape.


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