Inverell Livestock Market 14th January 2020

CATTLE: Numbers eased slightly,  apparently due to the scattered amount of rain throughout the supply area to yard 850 head of cattle. Cows were once again in the majority and were followed up by a good selection of grain assisted yearlings. All processors with the exception of one were in attendance and re-stocker and feeder operators were very active.   A good supply of calves was penned, with re-stocker orders taking them to 282c/kg for better bred calves, condition not necessarily the reason. Limited numbers of weaners were penned, the steer portion was dearer with increased re-stocker demand. Very light weight yearling feeder steers saw substantially dearer trends, while light weight steers to re-stockers saw rises of 6c/kg. However, medium weight yearling steers to feed saw a cheaper trend of 5c/kg, could be quality related. Trade steers experienced price improvements of 6c/kg. The heifer draft sold to a dearer trend with a spike in the re-stocker demand. The medium weight feeder heifers were significantly dearer with a gain of 20c/kg.  Some store condition heifers made $2.60/kg and weighed between 250/300kg and some lots with 2 teeth making the same.All categories of cows received price improvements. Light weight cows to feed saw an upward movement in price of 18c/kg, cows weighing 400kg + made to $2 in places, 380kg cows still making $1.80 down to $1.70 with hardly any cows making less than this. Medium weight cows sold to a market 23c better, while the heavy D3 cows saw a large rise of 28c/kg. Cows to re-stockers experienced very good support to improve by up to 50c/kg. Bulls sold to 255c/kg for most bulls weighing up to and over 1000kg. Lighter bulls realising similar to slightly less. Pen of young small cows and calves made to $700 with cows only weighing mid 200’s but still retaining milk teeth or the odd 2 tooth.

Next cattle and sheep sale at IRLX next Tuesday 21st January.


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