Inverell Livestock Report 3rd December 2019

CATTLE: Numbers reduced considerably to yard 1400 head down by 1200 with cows experiencing the largest decline in numbers by almost 1,000 head. The other categories were similar, again with large numbers of early weaned calves. Except for one exporter, all others were present and operating, as well as good re-stocker competition in both young cattle and cows.  There were large numbers of early weaned calves available to re-stockers, with the lead selling to 324c/kg. Plain conditioned weaner steers and heifers saw significant improvements to re-stocker interest. The yearling drafts, however, saw cheaper trends with steers easing from 20c to 40c/kg, quality and condition related, to Queensland competition. Isolated pens of better-quality feeder steers sold to a dearer trend. Trends for heifers were similar, with light and medium weight cattle easing from 11c to 27c/kg. Limited numbers of well finished trade heifers sold to dearer trends of 6c/kg.  Well finished heifers to the trade sold to 272c/kg. Cows saw declines in all categories, except the heavy, well-conditioned drafts. Re-stocker cows to the Central West of the state, eased up to 35c/kg. Light one score cows to feed saw substantial reductions. Medium weight trade cows saw cheaper trends of 18c/kg. A limited offering of good D3 cows saw a small increase of 5c/kg. A lack of quality in the bull penning saw the heavy bulls sell from 24c to 38c cheaper, with the lead bull selling to 287c/kg.


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