Inverell Livestock Report 5th November 2019.

CATTLE:   Numbers reduced to almost half of last week’s sale to yard 930 down by 700 or so. Early/younger weaned calf numbers reduced considerably, with the weaner penning similar. Yearling and cow numbers also reduced. There were limited pens of supplementary fed yearlings and cows, but still plenty of plainer, weather affected younger cattle. All the regular buyers attended to a market which fluctuated in value according to quality.  Steer weaners rose considerably selling to the re-stocker and backgrounder trade with the 90 to 150kg steer calves ranging from $2.40 to $3.20. Heifers not so much, seeing a reduced trend of 15c/kg, with quality variation causing such reduction. Yearling steers saw a dearer trend through the offering. Light weight backgrounders saw a rise of 10c, with medium weight steers trending up 27c/kg. Heavy feeders saw a significant rise of 20c/kg, again quality related. Conversely, light heifers to feed saw a cheaper trend of 19c/kg, with a varied quality offering. Heavy trade heifers saw a slight rise in value.  There were too few grown steers and heifers to give a reliable quote. Plain, light cows to feed and restock saw a cheaper trend of 15c to 17c/kg , these were quality related prices as most cows rose in price. Medium D2 cows were 18c better and quality D3 medium cows saw a rise of 30c/kg. Heavy D4 cows saw trends rise 17c/kg with cows from 650 kg and up making up to $2.75. The heavy bulls also sold to dearer trends of 9c/kg with bulls in the medium to heavy end from  850kg and up fetching rates to $2.85.


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