Inverell Livestock Report 8th October 2019

CATTLE:  Inverell numbers increased slightly by 84 head to yard 1664 very mixed quality cattle. Young cattle contributed the bulk of numbers, with a good representation of cows. There were plenty of young, plain conditioned cattle available, with re-stocker orders from Southern and Western competition, as well as a QLD order for better bred and forward store cattle. All the regular buyers attended.
Light weaners under 200kgs saw cheaper trends to re-stockers, with lack of quality and condition a factor, understandably so. Light yearling steers to feed saw a dearer trend of 8c/kg. Medium weight also sold to dearer trends of 13c/kg, with the heavy drafts experiencing firm trends. Drafts of light yearling heifers to feed sold to a cheaper trend of 15c and the heavy feeders saw a rise of 14c/kg. Heavy trade heifers were 7c/kg better.
Very limited grown cattle precluded a report. Light 1 score cows to restock saw cheaper trends. Medium weight 2 score cows were dearer, up 6c/kg. The good yielding 3 and 4 score cows saw rises to 30c/kg. A reduced bull penning saw very heavy bulls sell to 273c/kg.

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