Inverell Livestock Market Report 23rd July 2019

CATTLE: Inverell numbers increased by 576 head to offer a mostly good quality penning to yard 2003 head. Young cattle were well supplied, as were cows, their numbers increasing to almost 1000 head. Trade yearlings were also in good numbers and saw a marked improvement in quality. Competition was strong from the usual panel of buyers, along with southern re-stocker competition on all store categories. Light re-stock weaner steers saw dearer trends of 30c, with the heifer portion also seeing rises of 13c to 20c/kg. Light yearling steers were 26c dearer, with the medium weight offering up to 6c/kg better. Heavy feeders saw trends rise by 8c/kg. Heavy heifers to the trade saw a 19c rise, with strong southern competition pushing the light end of the restock heifers to 9c/kg dearer.  Grown steers were in short supply, however, saw rises of 17c/kg for heavy feeder cattle. Grown heifers to the trade saw rises of 18c/kg. Light and medium weight cows to re-stock, again saw strong southern competition pushing values to 30c/kg better. D2 medium weight cows were dearer, as were the D3 medium weights, which saw rises of 26c/kg. The best D3 cows saw a rise of 20c/kg. Live exporters and processors competed to see bulls 7c to 17c/kg better. Best cow to $2.69kg. Bulls made into the $2.70’s.

SHEEP/LAMBS: Inverell penned less lambs and an extra 900 grown sheep to yard 4179 head.. The penning consisted of a very good yarding of heavy lambs, with a general improvement in lamb quality. This eventuated in a much dearer market, with all the regular buyers attending, along with extra re-stocker competition out of the Central West of NSW.  Light lambs to the trade saw dearer trends, while trade lambs saw rising trends of $10 to $25/head. Heavy lambs were also dearer, selling to $22/head better. Extra heavy lambs reached a top of $311 to average $297 per head, however, no comparison was available with no lambs of that weight here last sale. Heavy rams to $130 to average $100. Lambs around the 50kg seen prices range from $185 to $215.Light ewes were slightly dearer, while the heavy drafts saw trends of $14 dearer for Dorpers and over $20 per head better for first cross ewes. Crossbred wethers were substantially dearer, topping at $210/head.




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