Inverell Livestock Market Report 28th May 2019

CATTLE: Numbers for Inverell increased by 25%, consisting of a good supply of young cattle and another plentiful penning of cows. Quality was mixed, although there were good numbers of well-bred young cattle through the offering. These saw rising trends through the better drafts. Conversely, there were still numbers of plainer cattle available, with plenty selling below the 200c/kg mark for plainer calves. All the regular buyers attended and competed.  Light steer weaners to feed saw a cheaper trend of 4c, while the re-stocker types saw price increases of 11c/kg. Conversely, the heifer portion saw a rise of 19c/kg. Medium weight steers to feed sold to 5c cheaper, while a lift in quality for the heavy categories saw price increases of 16c/kg. Medium weight heifers to feed experienced good increases of 19c/kg, however the heavy portion saw slightly cheaper trends.  There were no numbers of grown steers or heifers to quote. Cows experienced cheaper trends throughout, with D1 cows up to 20c/kg back. D2 cows also saw decreases of 20c, while limited numbers of heavy cows saw cheaper trends of 5c/kg. Exporters competed to see the heavier drafts of bulls sell to dearer trends.

 SHEEP: Numbers reduced compared to a fortnight ago. Quality of the heavy lambs lifted to see a marked rise for that category. Sheep weights also improved, particularly in the heavy ewes and wethers to see trends rise also. Light lambs to feed on saw firm trends. Light trade lambs saw firm to slightly cheaper trends to average $124/head. Trade lambs saw firm trends, while quality and extra weight saw heavy and extra heavy lambs sell to dearer trends. Heavy lambs sold to $10 better and extra heavy lambs saw an average of $6/head better. Light ewes sold to a rising trend of $10/head. Medium weight ewes were $10 to $15 dearer, with heavy crossbreds making to $240 and Dorpers to $180/head. A lift in quality saw wethers sell to significant increase. Re-stockers operated in the younger wethers with a start in the wool making to $89/head. Crossbred rams made to $85/head.



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