Inverell Market Report 14th May 2019

CATTLE: Numbers increased slightly to yard 2595 head, with cows again in the majority contributing to over half the penning. They were mainly plainer quality, as was the balance of the offering. Young cattle were well supplied, with drafts of grain assisted cattle offered. Cow processors operated on a restricted basis processing-wise, with more interest taken by them in purchasing cows on a feeder basis, as re-stockers competing strongly on light cows back to the paddock.  Light re-stocker weaners saw cheaper trends of 25c to 30c/kg, quality related. Light yearling steers to restock saw decreases of 25c, while the medium weight drafts were also back 25c, as the trade took the better drafts, these seeing a cheaper trend up to 22c/kg. Light heifer yearlings to feed were substantially cheaper, again quality a major factor, with a lot of purchases made well under the 200c/kg mark. Medium heifers to feed were mainly 45c to 55c/kg back.  No grown steers to quote, however, grown heifers were included in the cheaper trends, with 3 scores 11c/kg back. Light 1 score cows saw cheaper trends, even with good competition from re-stocker and feeder interest. 2 score cows sold to cheaper trends of 15c to 20c/kg. Quality and less weight saw the best cows ease up to 30c/kg. Exporters were busy in the bull market, but that category also sold to cheaper trends.

SHEEP: As of 9pm Tuesday evening there was no MLA report available however heavy grain fed dorper lambs made to $220, Rob and Justine Aitken at Bundarra sold 47.5kg xb lambs $166, (previous sale 50kg same lambs $165) very light store lambs $60, 20-22kg CWT merino ewes with good 2” skin ,made $140. Bare shorn xb ewes 25kg CWT $100-$130.


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