Inverell Livestock Market Report 26th March 2019

Cattle: Numbers were similar than last weeks offering that consisted of limited supplies of supplementary fed yearlings, along with a very useful penning of cows. The overall trends were dearer for any of the quality offering, although there were numbers of plainer quality cattle available. Cows saw significant rises throughout, owing to strong competition from a full field of buyers.

Weaners to backgrounders sold to dearer trends of up to 40c for the steer portion and 50c/kg for the heifer drafts. The trade vealers also sold to significant rises. Medium weight yearling steers saw dearer trends of 13c, and similar weight heifers sold to dearer trends of 20c/kg. The plainer drafts of steers and heifers still struggled to rise above the 200c/kg mark.

Grown steers were stronger by 12c, with the heifer portion also dearer, in excess of 50c/kg, purchased by the trade. Light cows were a standout with the trade taking substantial drafts, to see rises of 30c/kg. Cows to restock and feed saw similar rises, with some processors sending cows to the paddock to secure product for future use and feed operators endeavouring to finish cows for later turnover. Trends for 3 and 4 score cows rose in the order of 40c to 50c/kg. Heavy bulls saw rises of 40c/kg.

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