Inverell Market Report 26th February 2019

Cattle: Numbers yarded today totalled 2891 with an increase in yearlings and a reduction in cow numbers. The yarding for the most part remained plain in condition and quality, except for a limited number of trade milk calves sold in one pen, their dams in another. All the regular buyers were present to compete in a primarily cheaper market. With one exception of a show steer purchase reaching 360c, weaners saw cheaper trends of 17c, with re-stockers adjusting their prices by 13c to 16c/kg. Quality related price changes saw light yearling steers sell to cheaper trends to re-stockers, while medium weight steers sold to cheaper trends of 18c/kg. Heavy feeders saw dearer trends of 13c/kg, with a lift in quality and condition the factor. There were drafts of light, plain quality steers that made from 98c to 102c/kg. Light heifers to feed saw decreases of 16c/kg. Better quality medium weight heifers experienced dearer trends. Again, there were no numbers of grown steers and heifers to quote. Re-stocker interest in light 1 score cows was competitive, seeing prices rise to 6c/kg. Light trade cows also saw dearer trends up to 18c/kg. Conversely, medium weight cows saw slightly cheaper trends of 4c/kg. Heavy cows saw some price corrections of 6c, with the best B4 cows reaching 219c/kg. Another heavy bull penning saw a rise in that market of 25c/kg for the heavy bulls.

Next Cattle and sheep sale 5th March.


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