Inverell Market Report 20th November 2018

Cattle: There was an increased penning of mixed quality cattle to yard 1715, up by 185 head with extra cow numbers and a good supply of young cattle available. This sale also saw good numbers of heavy grown heifers offered. The regular buying panel was present, with feeder operators competitive, particularly on heavy weight steers to send those cattle north of the Border.

Vealer and weaner trends were dearer, with the trade taking light veal to 8c/kg dearer. Light yearling steers saw cheaper trends of 20c/kg, quality being a definite factor. This was seen with the better types of medium weight steers, that sold to dearer trends of 4c to 6c, while heavy weight feeders saw increases of 3c and heavy trade steers sold 18c/kg better. Again, the plain light end of the heifers sold to cheaper trends of 8c to 10c, while the medium drafts of feeders were 6c/kg dearer. Trade heifers sold to trends of 8c/kg better.

Grown steers were dearer, as were good drafts of heavy heifers offered to the trade, up to 20c/kg better. Light cows sold back 19c/kg. The best money offered for the 3 and 4 score cows was slightly dearer on last week, however, averages saw cheaper trends of 2c to 7c/kg. A penning of mostly good quality bulls saw the heavy drafts sell to dearer trends of 25c/kg.

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