Inverell Market Report 6th Nov 2018

Cattle: There was a substantial increase in numbers to yard 2055, up by 823 head from last week. Principally due to a run of hot and dry weather. Young cattle and cows dominated the yarding, with a rise in numbers of plainer conditioned young cattle, particularly one scores. Feeder orders dominated the competition, along with the return of a major buyer after an absence. All processor, feeders and backgrounder orders were in place.

Restocker weaners saw slightly cheaper trends, experiencing numbers of plainer quality cattle, however, there was an average rise of 7c/kg in the better trade calves. Light yearling steers to feed were 6c better, with medium weight steers reaching 8c/kg dearer. Heavy weight steers sold up to 5c/kg better. The better-bred yearling heifers sold to dearer trends of 4c to 8c/kg. Heavy weight yearling feeders sold firm to slightly dearer trends. Plain quality 1 and 2 score weaners and yearlings saws much cheaper trends. Backgrounders operated on the surmise of coming rain, however, buying to a price.

Grown steers saw dearer trends of 10c to the trade and grown heifers followed the trend, to be 5c/kg dearer. Light cows saw a significant decrease of 15c to 20c, while the better high yielding cows also saw downward trends of 4c to 7c/kg. Heavy bulls saw prices increase 11c/kg in a better-quality offering.

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