Inverell Market Report 30th October 2018

Cattle: Numbers doubled to yard 1232 and quality lifted, particularly in the young cattle section, with feeders and backgrounders competing strongly for the better-bred categories. Again, there were several pens of grain assisted yearlings on offer. The cow penning increased slightly and saw trends decrease despite all processors being present. There was an extra processor after an absence, along with an extra feed lotter.  Limited weaners were on offer as opposed to last week and these sold to similar trends. An improvement in quality saw light yearling steers sell mostly to backgrounders for dearer trends of 20c/kg, with restockers also competing. Feeders also experienced dearer trends of over 20c/kg. Medium weight steers to feed saw better trends of 7c, while heavy trade steers improved by 3c/kg. Limited drafts of good quality trade heifers sold to trends of up to 20c/kg better. A variation in quality saw some drafts of secondary heifers sell 4c to 10c/kg back, however most sold to dearer trends.  Heavy grown steers sold to trends of 16c better, as did heifers reaching 18c/kg dearer. Cows experienced cheaper trends, with light 1 and 2 score cows 19c/kg back. The better yielding heavy cows saw values ease by 13c/kg. Bulls sold to cheaper trends of up to 17c/kg.

Sheep: The penning increased by 1,263 lambs and 951 extra grown sheep to yard 3627 head. The lamb quality improved, leading to a dearer trend throughout, although the sheep quality decreased, seeing a cheaper market. All the regular buyers attended, with limited restocker competition.  Limited numbers of new season lambs were penned, with no real comparison on the sale two weeks ago. Light old lambs sold to dearer trend of $9, while light trade lambs sold $15/head better than last market. Trade lambs saw a dearer trend of up to $26, with heavy lambs seeing increases of $13/head. Extra heavy lambs sold to dearer trends of $15 to top at $221/head. Hoggets were cheaper, easing $6/head on last sale.  Light 2 score ewes sold to slightly dearer trends of $3, with medium weight ewes seeing a cheaper market of $2, opposed to heavy ewes that were $10/head cheaper. There were no wethers last sale, however this sale they made from $110 to $150/head, carrying a forward wool growth. Rams made to $75/head. Local sale Seaton & Freeman sold Dorper ewes to $88 and young store sucker lambs to $70.

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