Inverell Market Report 25th September 2018

Cattle: There was limited rainfall and numbers increased, offering a mostly plain quality penning. Once again, young cattle dominated the offering and the number of cows on offer doubled this week. A limited selection of grain assisted yearling cattle were offered. The usual gallery of processors was present and there was a slight increase of 1 and 2 score cows offered. There was also competition from re-stocker and feeder competition, with interest in re-stocker heifers going North over the Border.

The lines of late weaners received reduced competition, meaning prices decreased by 4c to 12c/kg for steer and heifer sales. In addition, yearling steers to restock and feed sold to cheaper trends as values decreased over 20c/kg, with quality being a major factor. However, medium trade steers saw dearer trends of 14c/kg. Additionally, the better heavy trade heifers experienced dearer trends, making 8c/kg more than last week. Medium weight heifers to feed sold to dearer trends of 4c/kg. Alternatively, lack of quality in drafts of re-stocker heifers saw some grades decrease by 11c/kg.

There were few grown heifers on offer as prices eased 4c/kg. There were no grown steers to quote. 1 score cows sold 9c dearer, with 2 scores increasing by 4c/kg. 3 and 4 score cows sold to cheaper trends of 5c/kg. Limited numbers and decreased quality saw bull prices ease slightly in value

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