Inverell Market Report 14th August 2018

Cattle: Inverell penned an extra 540 head in another plain quality yarding of 1,436. There was a limited selection of better conditioned trade and feeder cattle through the offering and these categories sold to dearer trends. The usual gallery of processors was in attendance, as well as re-stocker and background operators.

The shortage of butcher veal saw those grades sell to firm trends, with some seeing rises of 3c/kg. The yearling trade cattle also saw dearer trends of 15c, with better quality yearling feeder steers to 7c/kg better. Trends for heavy feeder heifers were also dearer by 15c/kg. Quality and condition were the principal factor in these rises. Light and plainer conditioned young heifers saw prices under 100c/kg, these experiencing substantial reduction in value. They were sought by re-stocker and background competition on the chance of a break in the weather.

There were not enough grown steers for a reliable quote. Re-stockers competition for light cows was higher, to see trends of 11c/kg dearer. Medium weight cows also dearer by 9c/kg. The better conditioned cows saw cheaper trends of 7c/kg. An increased bull penning saw the heavy drafts improve by 14c/kg.

Next sheep and cattle sale Tuesday 21st August.

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